Pinterest: deconstructed- Roasted Orange and Corn cream soup 

So this past year I’ve really welcomed my domestic diva and I’ve been watching a lot of Chopped and cooking recipes I’ve found off Pinterest. 

Sometimes I combine the two. Like tonight. 

Now that I have all this free time (when not working of course) I’ve started really cooking again. I made this recipe last night and fell in love with the roasted orange slices. I knew I had to make something with roasted orange. 

And since it’s getting cooler outside and the fact that I can eat soup no matter the season I decided to make some kind of soup. 

After putting away my leftover chicken from last night’s recipe I saved the broth that was in the bottom of my roasting pan. Hold on to that…I’ll need it later. 

I took a can of unsalted yellow corn and the leftover orange slices on a baking sheet to roast at 400 degrees. I didn’t really time it but I did end up burning half the corn since I was busy doing something else as well. So make sure you keep an eye on those. 

In a big pot I put a stick of butter, chopped half of onion, half cup of fresh mushrooms, a pound of chopped asparagus, and another can of unsalted yellow corn. After 10 minutes of letting that simmer I took the broth from last night and added that to the pot with a cup of regular chicken broth. At this time I also added the little bit of roasted corn and orange slices and a pint of heavy whipping cream. Season with salt, thyme, rosemary and some lemon pepper. I just eyeballed these but I know not to go overboard   

Let that simmer for 20 minutes and dinner was ready. 


The oranges cooked down and gave this nice hint of flavor to the cream soup. 

I can’t wait to take this with me to work tomorrow. Hopefully it’s not too hectic and I’ll actually get time to enjoy and not just inhale my food. 


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The “future” is now…my self realization. 

A lot of the reason I’ve fallen behind in working on this blog was because of my last year of pharmacy school, graduation and preparing for NAPLEX
Well I can say that is all behind me! 

I took my pharmacy law exam on September 3rd and eleven days later took the main pharmacy board-the before mentioned NAPLEX. 

I trained two days with a pharmacist where he essentially let me do everything and then worked on my own Friday and today. 

It wasn’t till today that it finally hit me: I’m really a pharmacist. 

It didn’t hit during graduation because really I only just had the degree. I was so worried about taking the boards that I somehow never let myself really think I could be doing this grown up registered pharmacist thing soon. 

When I got home tonight, my fiancé mentioned he went to see his parents today and how he’s noticed a difference in me lately. I’m just so relieved…I don’t have this dark cloud hovering over me anymore telling me how I may fail the boards and just prove to those who doubted me that they were right all along. 

I go back to my store (where I’ve been for the past year) on Tuesday and I’m so excited. I took off a few weeks to study so I haven’t been there in over a month. I left as an intern…and I’m returning as a pharmacist.  I survived! After my first night on my own. I didn’t even have a tech-and this store really needed one. Bittersweet moment-it was also World Pharmacists Day on Friday, September 25th. 

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  You have you love yourself first before you can love anyone else, right? 

Actually I was on lunch break (I still hav those for a few more weeks) and decided to take this since I was having a good hair/skin day. You’d be surprised how rare that can be sometimes. 

Today was also National Dog Day so I guess Hailey (our new pitbull mix that we adopted from the Hunane Society on 7/17) could be my WCW too.  

     Isn’t she cute? She’s pretty spoiled too. 

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First day of class? Not for me anymore! 

Parents on Facebook have been sharing pics of their kids’ first day of school photos all day. Even in my pharmacy program we started class 6 weeks earlier (thanks to being a year round program-but hey! I’m out a year early) and I took a pic during my first year of my “First day of the 6th week of class” while everyone else was posting their first day of class posts. 

   Sigh. I miss being this size. Thanks pharmacy school for all the extra cortisol! Well here is my first day of the work week pic. 

 I’ll probably never have a first day of class again. When I told the one pharmacist I was training with last week that I originally was pre-med she suggested I could always go back to medical school.

No thanks! 

I have more than enough debt from student loans (almost $200k) and I don’t need to more than double that for another doctorate degree where I won’t make much more than I am now just because I have both degrees. Although two of my classmates did go on to do that. More power to you guys! 

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Pharmacy humor 

When patients ask you how long their prior authorization will take.   

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Make-up shaming needs to stop: it’s not meant to be a mask nor is it meant to deceive. 

So within the past few weeks (and months) there has been a lot of articles shaming women for wearing make-up saying they’re trying to hide their true self and that it’s deceiving to men. 

I wouldn’t say it’s deceiving but you can tell that some people are wearing makeup. So I decided to be brave and take a before and after picture of myself to show that it’s not too deceiving, if you want to put it that way. 

  Before and after. So all I’ve accomplished to do is cover my breakouts (thanks, Mother Nature) and define my eyes. You can still tell that it’s me. 

I really don’t know why guys find this to be an issue since it has more to do with feeling good about yourself when you go out. Or at least that’s how I feel about it. I’m currently breaking out due to my time of the month so I feel conscious when I think that those areas are super noticeable (not to mention some scarring on my chin from past breakouts). 

Just think of it like that form fitting shirt that you look thinner in. Isn’t that just an illusion since you really don’t resemble that? Same concept. 

You are allowed to feel good when you go out and I will do the same. 

Mentioning that, currently headed to Virginia Beach for another round of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives with the fiancé and a concert later tonight. I put on a black dress and he told me I looked like I was heading to a funeral. I just don’t think he should speak about female’s fashion anymore.   Black dress and gladiator sandals-your new funeral attire. 

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#FlashbackFriday: stinky cheese in Spain 

The few of the new P2 student pharmacists are currently taking their 2 week medical Spanish elective in Spain and I’m reliving my time there whenever they post pics. 

And I miss it. 

So much. 

Too bad I can’t convince Russell to go there for our honeymoon. But maybe another time. 

One story I have shared recently this week involved some stinky cheese. 

So 8 of us from class (out of 47 that just graduated last month) had attended our 2 week elective in Spain. We were all on the first floor but we were separated by different wings. I was rooming with my one classmate who just complained the whole trip. And the other four girls were in the two rooms right next to us. 

When we got there, two girls decided they wanted some spicy cheese and olives from the local supermercado down the street from our building. However when they were trying to ask for spicy they used the hand jesture like they’re fanning their mouth and somehow ended up with stinky cheese. I’m not sure what kind it was, but it did smell up the hallway when they opened it up. 

So this chronic complainer didn’t like this eau de queso. So every time they opened up the cheese to snack on she complained about the smell. Like I mentioned she complained about more than just that so people had had enough of her by the end of the trip. Myself included. 

One day I was walking back to our room when I noticed something was smeared on our doorknob. One of the girls popped out of their room and laughingly told me they were expecting the complainer. So I suggested putting the cheese actually under her bed to let the smell fester. Sure enough it was maybe only for an hour but when she came back into the room she caught a strong whiff and started complaining in this whiny voice.

Oh my god-can you smell that?!? It smells like vomit. Oh my god, oh my god. I’m going to vomit. 

Repeated over and over again until she went to the bathroom while we all laughed. 

I swear it’s hilarious when I tell it in person but I needed to post it so that I’ll be able to read back on it. 

Ok, so maybe we’re mean girls…but still hilarious at the time. 

 The Plaza Mayor in Salamanca at night. 
  It was only fitting to take this pic. 

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