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“Girls just wanna have fun”…but you take it a bit too far

I have been incredibly busy/stressed since this semester started that I’ve found myself slacking on updating my blog. I have these things to write about but then just find myself lacking the time in order to do so. So last … Continue reading

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Throw Back Thursday!

TBT=Throw Back Thursday The one day a week where all facets of online social media are bombarded by pictures of people’s pasts. I sometimes partake in this on my Instagram (which in turn posts to my Facebook and Twitter accounts). … Continue reading

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Snow day: campus may be closed but my kitchen isn’t!

So due to many of my classmates’ prayers, the main UMES campus decided to close today and the pharmacy school administration actually followed suit. (Last year we were told that due to following a different academic schedule because we’re accelerated … Continue reading

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The beginning of the end or possibly the end of the beginning?

Today started the last first day of my Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPEs). This is my fourth (and final) didactic semester due to the accelerated program so this fourth IPPE block is bittersweet for it is the last one before … Continue reading

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Curiosity killed the cat, but what kills the Creeper? I found something I wasn’t meant to. And if I wasn’t meant to find it, it was definitely meant for someone else. Just not me. Does it change how I view it all? No. Because deep down I already … Continue reading

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Working in a pharmacy while pregnant; how are you protecting yourself?

The professor lecturing today is getting over being sick from last week and had this great idea to have us students break into groups and go over her PowerPoint in order to teach the class in her place. While working … Continue reading

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Your “bros” are a whole lot different than my “hoes”….

My boyfriend and I started dating June 1st of last year and we both had vacations planned abroad beforehand-I was going to Salamanca, Spain for a Medical Spanish for Pharmacists elective class for two weeks shortly after we started dating … Continue reading

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