I wouldn’t have it any other way

So 2013 has come and gone…and now it’s time for 2014 to show what it’s going to offer. So how did I spend my NYE? Partying it up getting drunk with people my age like people love to stereotype my generation as doing? Hardly I spent my night with the guy who made my 2013 great (even if he didn’t come into the picture till June). It was a low key evening; dinner out then back home to watch the ball drop on tv while drinking wine. Was it wild like other 20-something’s NYE? No, but it was perfect for me & I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It certainly beat last year’s celebration: I watched Netflix in bed and only realized the New Year had came when my mom said so 3 minutes after midnight. I had invitations to go out with friends yet passed since who wanted to be reminded of being single on NYE of all times? I hadn’t. I was actually in the middle of my “finding me” time after my ex of 2.5 years broke up with me right before I had started pharmacy school that July. I didn’t entertain the idea of dating again until right before Valentine’s Day 2013. & how does an über busy pharmacy student meet people to date? Internet dating sites, of course. Well the whole dating fiasco could be a blog all on its own, but then again I do have 364 more days to elaborate on it all. I’m just glad I found the guy of my dreams last year and here’s to this year to plan more years to come

Russell & I, NYE dinner at Carabbas, West OC 2013

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