First “business day” feelings of 2014

So my second day of the new year started off great…if you like the tiring effects of insomnia that is. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with insomnia for years but found it was helpful with staying up late at night to study for all these pharmacy lectures. I never had to stay up like this for undergrad. But here’s to a new chapter, right?
So I went to work this morning hoping that they wouldn’t ask me to stay later than my scheduled 9 to 2 shift today, especially since I only had 3 hours of sleep beforehand. I got lucky in that sense. My Phi Delta Chi little also came to see me at work with my Christmas gift as you’ll see in my daily pic below.

Talking about Phi Delta Chi (the professional pharmacy fraternity I belong to) I’m excited to enter my last didactic semester of pharmacy school. I’m excited to see new leadership for our frat (who will hopefully make more waves) in this upcoming semester. I’m actually excited for all of my organizations to see what the year will hold. I was never involved in undergrad since I was what they called a “commuter” student (I didn’t live on campus-I came to class and that was it before going straight to work) and now I’m totally making up for it. I’m currently Vice President for our NCPA chapter (& in fact worked on the UMES School of Pharmacy admission for NCPA Good Neighbor Business Plan Competition for 2013 and attended their Annual Convention in October to present a poster on our plan), Pharmacy Student Government Association secretary, a member of APhA, ASHP, Phi Delta Chi (like you couldn’t tell) and I was just invited to join Phi Lambda Sigma leadership society. Here’s to the new year and all that I can gain from it all!

Me repping my letters in animal print…that should have been my nickname instead of Creeper. But both fit actually.

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