My toys are better than yours

So a couple weeks ago when trying to plan the last few days of my 2 week winter vacation, Russell (the guy of my dreams as mentioned in my first entry) and I had plans to go to the western side of Maryland yesterday so that today he could go watch some baseball game on tv with his coworker. I used to think my schedule was bad until I met him; he works overnights so during the semester I rarely see him but I’m always guaranteed Saturday since it’s his guaranteed day off each week. This week he happened to get Friday off as well since the additional day varies each week (especially since now that we’re dating he takes that day off as well so that he’s not working 6 days a week). And for my readers who aren’t aware, I’m located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore located about 3 hours from Annapolis and Baltimore, where we had planned on visiting. It snowed however and I didn’t want to risk the danger of being on the road with other people who can’t drive in snow so we didn’t go. I did get invited to a girls night dinner however that I attended. It made for a great evening afterall even if our original traveling plans had to be cancelled. I finally met my one Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram friend in the flesh. We had never met each other since we only knew of each other through another friend who we talked to each other through her Facebook statuses.
Since I had my girls night last night, Russell continued on with his. He actually went away last weekend as well to NJ to see the one DJ, Tiesto, at the Borgata. Ironically Russell’s friends from work think I have him whipped and “on a leash” which I always hate when people say that. Maybe it’s not the female being demanding-maybe the guy is a sap and just wants to spend his free time with the woman he loves? At least that’s how it is in our situation, except it’s mutual. We both want to spend time with each other during the little free time we get together. So hopefully his friends will get off my back. I’m sorry he’d rather spend time with me than you. I have toys that he’d rather play with.
He left the house about 4pm to go start drinking and watching and now it’s almost 7 hours later. I’m glad he’s enjoying himself but I do wish he’d come home-I’ve ran out of wine and need him to bring me more?


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