There can only be one crazy cat person in our relationship and that has to be me!

So I almost wanted to recant what I said about being happy that Russell was out having fun with some friends from work last night. He finally came home after 1:30 AM–9 hours after he left, much longer than the “few” hours he said he’d be out for. Oh well.

While I was waiting for him to come home I ended up watching some movies on tv (a real rarity for me) and came across “Admissions” featuring Tina Fey and Paul Rudd. I won’t get into what the movie plot was but the one student in the movie really reminded me of this one guy I went out with during my online dating adventures (hence how I met my awesome honey due to lack of time and eventually I’ll give more nightmarish dating stories). This guy, Gus, was the only guy who lasted for more than the initial first date (if we’re excluding my one ex from 7 years ago whom I went out with twice and again remembered why it didn’t work). In fact we went out 4 times-and it was shortly after the 4th date (a formal that the other pharmacy fraternity held that he almost begged me to take him to) that he told me he wasn’t interested in dating but wanted to be friends. I’m sorry but I wasn’t friends with you before so why now? Ironically I did run into him in Walmart a few months ago and that made for an awkward shopping trip. But I somehow mentioned this to Russell-just that this young actor reminded me of a guy I once went out with a few times (I was feeling good after finishing a bottle of wine, so cut me some slack) and mentioned that I should have known something was off when this guy told me he liked cats. I’m not meaning you find out he’s equally okay with dogs and cats as pets but when asked I heard something along the lines of “Oh yeah, I like cats. Sometimes I google pictures of them on the internet and just look at them”. Oddly enough this wasn’t the first time I have heard that so I should have known that the first guy had some quirks about him and so did J. Maybe not quirks because they proclaimed to like cats more than some guys care to admit but because I go with my gut feelings and premonitions and the first mentioned guy didn’t work out for so many reasons, and he just happened to share this quality in addition to hair color. Coincidence? I think not. But it was definitely a learning experience, there can only be one crazy cat person in our relationship-and that has to be me.

Hard to believe I’ll be 27 next month with a baby face like this…thank God they make make-up! (Plus since this is the last night of my winter break I can only hope I don’t break out like a teenager from all the stress that will soon come)

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