“A fake blonde with fake boobs and possibly a fake brain”

So today marked the last first day of class ever as I went back for my last didactic semester (then only a year full of Advanced Pharmacy Practices Experiences {APPEs} will hold me back from that coveted PharmD). The two week winter break went by too fast yet couldn’t have ended soon enough if that even makes sense.

However as I’m only a year and a half away from being able to add Dr, PharmD to my name it’s ironic how people have doubted me my whole life. Especially if you read the title of this entry. I had a friend (who isn’t a friend anymore due to her moving halfway across the country and deciding she didn’t want anything to do with her high school friends) who got a little jealous in 8th grade and somehow described me to the new girl with this description. I had discovered “A touch of Sun” similar to Sun-In right before school had started so I was aptly named a fake blonde because I no longer had my dirty blonde/light brunette locks. As for the fake boobs…seriously? I developed early. That wasn’t my fault. What 14 year old (other than rumored Britney Spears) gets implants? Yeah…didn’t think so. Just keep stuffing those socks up your shirt. And to sum it all up-a fake brain. Classic. I’ve certainly gotten far academically with this fake brain of mine.
But what really takes the cake of those who doubt me is my own father. I still think it all stems from his jealousy that he never finished his bachelors degree. At least this is mom’s theory. It’s hard for me to explain to people but if you knew him you’d be surprised how he emotionally beats his family down…especially their dreams. I have never seen a parent so pessimistic during their child’s college graduation when I graduated from Salisbury University in May of 2011. That was only my bachelors degree-I may have to tell mom to leave him home next May if he wants to still act like an ass.
I’m going to try calling it a night and possibly reviewing notes from today’s lecture…but I think if rather crash instead.
Buenas noches.


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