“Hump day” blues

This is only the third day into the spring semester and I’m already beat. I knew P2 year was obviously harder than P1 year but like seriously, something has to give. I’m kind of a procrastinator (thanks, mom. I get that from you) and last year- even last semester-I wouldn’t study on non-assessment weeks (Note: my pharmacy program utilizes block scheduling so every other Friday we have a final assessment for that module we just covered. Yes-that means biweekly FINALS) and I’d do most of my studying on the actual assessment week. Well with the 3 quizzes this week (and my one elective class-after being in class 8 to 3-had 40 pages to be read assigned and a quiz Thursday afternoon) I’ll be so grateful to see Sunday. Only to dread that assessment coming up the following Friday. Oh well. Only 1 more semester till my last year of rotations. Is it May 15, 2015 yet?

Hump day requires taking goofy pics of oneself right? I mean it sounds equally goofy to run around yelling “Hump Daaaayyyy”. You agree, I know.

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