“You better work, bitch”

They say that it takes 2 weeks to form a habit, right? Well I think I’m almost there. Last year I was surviving off of caffeine-Mt. Dew or another Pepsi product only because the pharmacy school building doesn’t have Mt. Dew in their machines. I told myself I neeed to break that habit with this new year. And I’m glad to say I’ve done well so far. I did drink an orange soda the one day during lunch but for being 9 days into the new year and that is all, that is a pretty big change for me. I knew from other peoples’s failures in their resolutions not to make something that would be hard to stick with. Examples: people who kill it at the gym for the first few weeks and have to broadcast it all over the internet in order to prove that they made a resolution and that they were sticking with it…at the moment.

Resolutions I wish people would have made? I wish the girl who decides to sit next to me and make small talk made a resolution to STOP answering her cell phone in class. Granted, she whispers (and her ringer is on silent so the class isn’t aware except for me) when she answers to tell (I hope not the same people) her callers repeatedly “I’m in class, I’ll call you back later”. But there was one day when she seriously had 3 phone calls. I didn’t realize I was so lucky to have such a popular person sit next to me in class. Hopefully that popularity helps her out after graduation. Her and a few other students were talking about pharmacy residencies one day but they really didn’t have any idea how to even apply. They didn’t realize it was just like getting into pharmacy school again-but this time even more competitive. They were like “Well don’t you just apply?” Oh if it was only that easy. Yes, folks, these are your future pharmacists.

But then again I think a lot of people are clueless as to how you actually get into pharmacy school (believe me-I’ve had to tell prospective students that they need to use PharmCAS or they didn’t know about the school’s supplemental application at all) and they still think that pharmacists only fill prescriptions just from what the doctor tells them. They don’t realize the knowledge a pharmacist must have in order to do their job and not kill someone. “Oh your doctor wants you to start pain therapy with Fentanyl 100mcg patches-2 everyday. Sure I’ll go ahead and fill that without questioning the doctor”<—said no one ever.

& yes my topic title is Britney Spears


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