This morning’s sunrise as I was leaving for class.


So it’s Friday. Thank the freaking lord.

This week has been enough. My lunch time Pharmacy Student Government Association meeting (I’m secretary) was cancelled due to a last minute planned group picture session to give to our School of Pharmacy Dean, who is leaving on the 24th to go start another pharmacy program in California. So that took up a good chunk of our lunch break and thankfully the professor teaching the afternoon portion of class told us to take another half hour for lunch. Possibly because he still had to take his staff pic and going back at the normally scheduled 12:30 would cut his lunch hour short as well. The PSGA meeting was rescheduled at 4 after class and conveniently at the same time I was to go do my Student Ambassador duty at the student interview panel. I ended up not going to either. I went to get into my car and it wouldn’t start. I had to be jump started and thankfully my car-savvy classmate was able to do just that. I started my Friday evening by going to Pep Boys hoping I ONLY needed a new battery. I hadn’t replaced the battery in my Ford Focus since I bought it brand new 9 years ago! Thankfully that’s all it was. And to think I had just said that I wanted to look at cars to buy a new one by next January. Oh life, don’t create more drama for me now.


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3 Responses to TGIF!

  1. onyinyemusic says:

    To open another pharmacy school in California…!!! I don’t think California needs any more pharmacy schools, how about the saturation of pharmacists in that state; its crazy!! Any how I find your posts interesting they remind me of when I was back in school !

    • Brandtastic says:

      Hey there! Thanks for reading.
      Yeah our assistant dean left shortly after my class matriculated (Fall 2012) to become Dean at KGI and now the Dean left to go head West Coast University. I’ve read on Student Doctor Network about all the saturation and it does make you wonder why these schools are allowed to keep popping up.

      • onyinyemusic says:

        yea you know what I heard, pharmacy school is quite lucrative for the schools, they can charge an exubarant amount of money for the students and getting accredited isn’t that difficult. On top of that if its a school that offers pre-pharmacy a lot of students don’t actually make it into the program but that doesn’t matter to the university because they just made about 50-60k off of a student…I don’t know why these schools keep popping up but its making pharmacy school seem like law school. I think medical school has a cap on the amount of schools created and its not as easy to open a new program! Anyhow good luck on your future endeavors, time flies so try to have fun in-between studying like a maniac lol !!

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