Throw Back Thursday!

TBT=Throw Back Thursday
The one day a week where all facets of online social media are bombarded by pictures of people’s pasts. I sometimes partake in this on my Instagram (which in turn posts to my Facebook and Twitter accounts). As I was looking for pictures to post for today’s submission of the past two felt like perfect ones to use.

20140123-235341.jpgLate 2006
& another one from early 2007 that doesn’t seem to want to load. Oh well…

I remember taking this picture. Or more like the time period surrounding it. It had been a year since I had broke up (or more like been dumped) with my high school boyfriend the Christmas after I graduated high school. I had started dating in early 2006 and was totally new to it (I wasn’t really allowed to date until I was 16 and I had been dating high school boy shortly before and up until the break up). At 19 and a half I thought I had found my first real love in a guy I met in one of my classes, B. Turns out he wasn’t since that “real love” only lasted for 3 months. Side note: we did try to resume something years later but it was awkward and didn’t feel right so obviously it didn’t work out. And I’m not complaining.

But that’s the funny thing about reminiscing. At the time you get so caught up in that moment that you think the feelings and emotions you have are concrete. And then years later you look back and chuckle because generally they weren’t. I can only hope the feelings of today aren’t just another future Throw Back Thursday tale.
Today, 2014. I swear I barely age; I almost look as young as I did in my previous picture when I was 19 years old.

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