“Girls just wanna have fun”…but you take it a bit too far

I have been incredibly busy/stressed since this semester started that I’ve found myself slacking on updating my blog. I have these things to write about but then just find myself lacking the time in order to do so.
So last weekend, MLK weekend, I went to Gatlinburg, TN with my professional pharmacy fraternity Phi Delta Chi for “Bob’s Annual Gatlinburg Retreat”. This was mine and our chapter’s second year going. Chapters from pharmacy schools across the country join for the weekend. Most are here on the east coast but there were some chapters from Missouri, Iowa, Indiana and Wisconsin.
Last year was fun and had great scenery from our cabin.


This year was slightly lacking on the scenery however.

And as for fun…I wish I had not gone. Granted, I did have some fun but this was just an open ended retreat so there wasn’t meetings planned. Just time to spend with your PhiDex brothers. However, when you get a couple hundred stressed out pharmacy students together they tend to like to meet and greet everyone with alcohol in hand. And that’s my problem-I don’t like drinking to get drunk just for the Hell of it and I’m not a partier. I think people figured that’s the only way to have fun so when I wasn’t drinking I was sure to hear

Brandy! Why are you not drinking? You need to drink something.

I was getting so tired of being told I had to drink in order to have fun (not to mention as other people got drunk it was hard to tolerate them as well) that I would go visit a few other cabins in the evening but then decide I had enough after a few hours and would hide upstairs in my room watching Netflix.
I’ll be 27 next month and I’ve known for a while that I don’t like the party scene-I won’t even go out to the bars. I guess this really is a sign that I’m getting old.

Myself and Kimmi, a “brother” from the Alpha Delta chapter at Virginia Commonwealth University. I met her last year when I came.

One pic where I am drinking alcohol! Wine, of course. But I decided to catch one of my own chapter bros midway to the freezer.



20140126-121201.jpgThis little green alien guy is Bob or officially named Omega Bob. I was told that someone from the Omega chapter at University of Tennessee Health Science of Memphis, TN went on a trip to Roswell, NM and picked up this little alien hand puppet. They decided to make him their mascot named Bob and he’s the unofficial host of this yearly retreat. Supposedly at other school chapters they make it a game to “take” items that belong to other chapters when they meet at events like this and conventions in order to hold the item ransom until that chapter comes to visit them to get it back. Our school is new-so is our chapter so we haven’t really ran into situations like this to partake in ourself. But someone took poor little Bob from Omega’s cabin and brought him to the Alumni brother cabin. I’m sure Bob was returned home that night since he had many photo ops like this one here.

20140126-121221.jpgOur retreat event shirt. Sorry bob, but I may have used my last refill.

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