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Just because…

1. My favorite colors are dark purple and black. But not because I like the Ravens (I live in Maryland and people seem to expect you to be a fan of the Ravens and Orioles if you live here)—in fact … Continue reading

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We are Phamily!

I just witnessed a very touching moment before my class let out for our lunch hour.  Our one Dean went out on maternity leave this week and we were just updated on the birth of her new addition this morning. … Continue reading

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The {bad dating} stories are continuing!

This is part of my series of bad dating stories I’ve been posting to “celebrate” Valentine’s Day this month.  I met DT on OkCupid (and then ironically he ended up signing up for POF later on). He happened to know … Continue reading

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Happy 27th Birthday…to me

I feel weird with it being my birthday today. Shouldn’t it feel like your own little holiday where you feel special for just that day if anything? It being Monday didn’t help either. I started off feeling exactly the opposite. … Continue reading

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The bad dating stories will continue!

I started blogging about some of my past experiences in dating this month to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I didn’t finish in time for the “holiday” but I’ll be sure to include them for your pleasure. Be sure to check out … Continue reading

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You should show your love everyday, not just on Valentine’s Day…like my boyfriend does

So depending on what your relationship status is it seems you either hated or loved yesterday-Valentine’s Day. You almost never hear of those people who could take it or leave it. But they do exist-they’re just not as prevalent. Single … Continue reading

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I could be your friend…

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