That’s some Khloe and Lamar shit right there!

If you don’t understand my title don’t worry–you’re probably one of many people who don’t read those grocery line magazines to know the celebrity gossip. I’m only guilty because my mother seems to subscribe to them and when I need a mental break from all the stuDYING and case studies I pick one up.
I was referring to Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom. They met and got married within a month. How does one fall in love that fast and definitely fast enough to make that decision?
Well I have two friends on my Facebook feed with relationships similar to this. One week you’re married, you kick him out and you declare you want to be single for a while yet you start shacking up with another guy within two weeks. Then that lasts a few months and when your “new” boyfriend and you have problems then you decide to start talking to your husband again?
You date a guy off and on for two years, one week declaring how much you love him then two weeks later you’ve broken up and you’re already professing your love for another guy.
Um, what?
But what’s even better (and this should be a warning to you in case you two read my blog) is that they broadcast almost everything (I’m pretty sure not everything but I know a pretty good amount about your relationship just from your Facebook alone). So we all know how you’re feeling and then when people ask questions you get mad that they’re nosey.

20140203-230905.jpgRussell & I from last Sunday. I’ve been slightly slacking on this blog thing due to being über busy. But I can assure you that we haven’t broken up and gotten back together at least three times within the past week. And we suck at taking couples selfies.

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