A Compilation of Bad Dates!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day being next Friday-this is for those who won’t be so lucky to celebrate with a Valentine because reading these stories almost make up for that.

It's not my fault.

I’m sure everyone has experienced a bad date in their lifetime. I however, have experienced several! Here is a collection of the absolute worst dates and the weirdest sex I have ever had.

Enjoy, and when you are done reading, email this collection to all of your friends! 😉



1. www.Date-a-Douche.com

2. Sausage Island

3. Clif Banger

4. Fungually Yours

5. My Four-Leafed Stalker

6. Liar Liar Zipper on Fire

7. Kitty Kitty Gang Bang

8. Giddyup Bubble Butt

9. Carni-HELL the Cruise

10. Politically Correct Bulging Bow Tie

11. Boom Boom Boom Ginger in my Room

12. Lisp Dollar Bill (This story was featured in Peaches Magazine 2013)

13. Aquarium of the Douche-Dick

14. Chimp Cocktail

*I didn’t realize there were SO MANY!!! I had to leave some great ones out because they have already been categorized in other places: Donut, Tyler,Dumb Beans & Brutus

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One Response to A Compilation of Bad Dates!

  1. Electrikkiss says:

    Thanks Brandtastic! You are fantastic!

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