Valentine’s Day is coming…and so are my bad dating stories

I was reading one of the blogs I follow on here (see my blog entry before this one) and there the author like blasted all of her previous bad dates. I’ve wanted to do this, not in spite of the guys, but because in the end it is a funny story to tell sometimes. So maybe I’ll make it into a couple blogs to celebrate Valentines this month and be done with it? That sounds like a plan.

Juicehead D.

D was my first one-date only guy during my last (and hopefully the last one period) round of online dating. There was something quirky about his pictures (note: I tend to like the quirky guys at first until I find out just how quirky they really are, then it’s not always so pretty) so I messaged him and we got to talking.

We planned a date at this popular sandwich shop in town that I forgot a lot of my classmates frequent on the weekends. How did I quickly remember?  When they all showed up…It wasn’t bad enough that we were sitting near the bathrooms so as everyone walked by they decided to say hey to Brandy and her date for the evening but the date itself was a drag.

Like his name suggests, he’s a juicehead-or more like a gym rat. He was wearing a button down shirt that was 2 sizes too small without an undershirt so that his bare chest was popping out. I think a few of my male classmates made fun of this fact. But that wasn’t it…obviously I was up front and mentioned I was a pharmacy student in my online dating profile and he went to tell me that he was working on his pre-reqs in order to go to Physician Assistant school. So I thought that was something in common we shared-the connection of healthcare, but he took it to the extreme. In one part of our conversation he went to tell me how he’s so curious about all the ingredients in his protein powders that he Googles everything and ends up researching all of the ingredients. He was sitting there telling me all these ingredients and the controversies about their use in powders as such. I really loved when he was talking about the one ingredient that was part of the 21 essential amino acids…um I think you mean 20 amino acids there. No, but he kind of wanted to argue about that, so I just let it go but I satisfied myself by indeed double checking myself late on that night and saw that there was in fact 20 and decided not to correct him. So the night is starting to wear down (or so you would think) and he starts to order more food! He just had a salad and a burger (two meal sized entrees mind you) and he ends up ordering another burger and another glass of wine. I was so glad that bars close at 2 in Maryland because otherwise I don’t know how much more he could have ordered while I’m sitting there thinking “Ok, time to go now. This date was over 2 hours ago.”

We never went out after that-and believe me I’m not upset about it. He never pushed it either. We did kind of keep in contact until one day he text me when I’m in class asking how I was doing. I responded that I was alright and just learning about lipids and insulin at the present time and off he goes on a tangent about something he was reading into on the subject. He wasn’t a bad guy-just not for me. I actually decided that I didn’t want to date for a few months so I took my profile down shortly after. I had broken up with a long-term boyfriend months prior (in July, this date was in October) and I’d like to think that maybe I hadn’t taken enough time for myself before I started dating again…or possibly the date was just that bad.

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3 Responses to Valentine’s Day is coming…and so are my bad dating stories

  1. devontails says:

    Love it. I’m putting up similar stories too 😀

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