Valentine’s Day is coming…and so are my bad dating stories…part 3


BB was an interesting case. I met him on OKCupid and I found him oddly fascinating since he was born and raised in another country before his parents moved back home to the US. We decided to meet at a local coffeehouse that we were both familiar with.  I got to the coffeehouse to meet him at 6 since my class that day ran longer than usual (and we weren’t aware that they actually closed at 7).

Nothing really was out of the place-we both held conversation but I guess something wasn’t there for him. He walked me back to my car after the coffeehouse closed up and was very gentleman-like as he kissed my hand when saying goodnight. We agreed that we would have to meet up again, but we weren’t really sure when because of his job working for the one television company and of course my busy class schedule.

We never did meet up again for that second date. In fact, I had the vibes wrong the whole time. He laughed at my jokes and sad goodbye like a gentleman by kissing my hand but I guess I may have said one thing that caught him off guard. He was talking about his recent hand surgery and how the one doctor was leaving the practice. Supposedly this wasn’t the first time he had to deal with their office and he expressed displeasure in the doctor’s departure because he really liked him and he was use to the way he practiced. I only agreed, comparing his fondness for his orthopedic surgeon to my gynecologist—If I’m use to the way you work and I enjoy coming to you for services I understand the hassle of having to find another practitioner to go see in your place.  This was about the time I decided I wasn’t going to sugar coat things in the beginning only for someone to see me in all my bad humor (and it only got worse by the end) and ultimately he didn’t appreciate it. I would have thought that someone who is vocal about smoking pot would be more laid back in conversation. He wasn’t vocal to me about his hydroponic adventures but I found mentions of that when I found his Twitter.

Oh well. Still, I’m not complaining. However, I did see him again when I was out with another future date. I don’t think BB recognized me or if he had he didn’t show it. That was probably a good thing because that would have been weird introducing one date to a past date in case he decided to walk up and want to catch up since our last meeting. 

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