Did somebody need a doctor?…I think I changed my mind.

I’m going to call this date Jordan—I don’t want to give his initials because he’s a local physician in the area and quite honestly he kind of reminds me of my friend Jordan and how I’m sure he’ll act 15 years from now. So I met Jordan on OKCupid, and anyone familiar with the site knows that it lets you list all your attributes that your potential mate may be looking for—for example, your salary. If that wasn’t bad enough, his screen name made sure to point out the fact that he’s a doctor and his profile made mention of being financially well off so now he wanted to try settling down. I’m not saying that him making it overly clear that he’s a doctor who makes a good amount of money is a bad thing, but in a way it just looked like he was trying too hard. My one coworker said she had been a patient of his and again told me he was quirky and that I’d like him. I’m sorry, but this is when I really discovered the quirky factor’s truth.

 We played phone tag via text for about two weeks before we decided to meet up. I figured he had to be too busy to date and that’s why he was also resorting to internet dating like I had.

 I can’t lie, I was very nervous for this date. He was 10 years older than me, and he chose to meet me at one of the nicer restaurants in town for our date. That on top of the fact that he’s already an established doctor in his field just added to the slight tension. However, there was something very childlike—almost immature about him. He knew I worked for the one pharmacy in town and he asked questions about other doctors in the area.  I felt like I was someone who worked closely with the stars and he just wanted me to name drop and tell him all the juicy gossip on the town MDs.

Again, there was nothing wrong with Jordan (other than the fact that the date was awkward). He knew that there just wasn’t something there and luckily we both agreed that it was nice to meet one another but we should just be friends…friends that don’t talk to each other. 


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