If he was a female, we would probably call him a clinger (in the beginning at least)

“Grant” was a guy I went out with twice. I actually went out with him sooner than within this timeline I’ve been posting-he was between dates with Juicehead D and JT. (Note: I had joined numerous times-my first time being right before I started dating my ex before pharmacy school started (we had started dating in 2010) and then after that breakup where I had met Juicehead D as mentioned before)

Grant messaged me a few times during my first attempt and I had ultimately deleted my account when I started dating my ex, and he really started to harass me during the second attempt before I deleted that account too because I had realized that I wasn’t interested in dating at the moment. I don’t remember much about his first bits of communication but I remembered him the second time because his screen name and profile picture were still the same-2 years later. He kept asking me if I wanted to go out for coffee sometime (I don’t like coffee) and I told him I didn’t have any available weekends at the moment to meet. This in part was the truth and a lie…it was true that I was busy but I didn’t want to take the time out to meet him since I was realizing that I wanted to be single and focus on me for a while. So almost every other day he would message me with “Hey how’s it going?” only for me to respond and he’d question something else and then sneak in the “We should grab coffee this weekend”. Plus the fact that he had purposefully mentioned that he was a nice guy really didn’t stick. I have a theory about that.

So I had deleted that account and didn’t realize I’d run into him again-except on a different mode of social media. He found me on Facebook. It seems we have friends in common and I just happened to pop up in that list of “People you may know”. This was maybe late January before I signed up for OkCupid and POF accounts so it was odd that he messaged me just out of the blue since we hadn’t talked since September. He somehow remembered my name and face and thought he’d try to ask me out for coffee once again. I decided to finally give in and agreed to go to dinner with him that upcoming weekend.

He was very indecisive as to where he wanted to go. First it was the one hibachi grill in town, and then he ultimately decided upon this one Italian chain restaurant in Ocean City (about 30 minutes from Salisbury, MD). He said he didn’t want to stay in town in case anyone saw us. At first I didn’t understand why that would be too bad other than the fact that if you’re on a date people generally want to stop by and be nosey or they just watch you from across the room.

I met him at his house and we drove over to the restaurant. Dinner was fine and surprisingly enjoyable since I really thought this guy was going to be as annoying as his earlier attempts were for that cup of coffee that I don’t drink.  He had us stop by his friend’s house (one of these guys that I knew briefly from high school) and that was kind of interesting…our first date and you’re bringing me to do some of your errands. He wanted to buy more wine to take back to his house and watch a movie, so I agreed being the wino I am, but I didn’t drink much that night since I not going to stay the night with this guy. I think that put a thorn in his plan.

I ended up going to see him a few days later. There was an event at the new Walgreens that had just opened up and they invited the pharmacy students to come by and check out their open house since they closed down the pharmacy that night. I told Grant I was going to that and since it was nearby to his place he suggested I come over afterward to hang out. Well I came over only to find out that he’s working on his water pipes in his basement. I offered to leave since he was busy but he insisted I stay. I ended up staying upstairs in his living room for an hour watching reruns of Friends until he finally made his appearance. I think I only stayed for an hour more and then I went home.

I thought it he was a possibility but I would want to see him more to determine this. He was texting me NONSTOP the week up until we went out and then basically stopped texting me shortly after claiming that he was too busy getting his side business off the ground. Every week or so I would get a text asking how I was and then he’d reply saying he was really busy and that was the end of that conversation. I gave up on that prospect and that’s when I signed back up on POF and OKCupid. He saw my profile after a week or two and texted me again asking how everything was. Basically he told me that he enjoyed our date but that he wasn’t sure because he was still in love with the ex-girlfriend he had just broke up with before asking me to go out. He wanted to still be friends however.  But that’s the thing…we were never friends beforehand. He was just some guy that harassed me and I finally gave in to go out with him. So do I want to continue being “friends” with you? No…

I guess once you catch what you’ve been chasing the reward isn’t as sweet as you expected? 

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