You should show your love everyday, not just on Valentine’s Day…like my boyfriend does

So depending on what your relationship status is it seems you either hated or loved yesterday-Valentine’s Day.
You almost never hear of those people who could take it or leave it. But they do exist-they’re just not as prevalent.
Single people are often found hating their independent status because it means they don’t have that significant other to lavish them with gifts. And most couples are excited because it’s obviously a holiday for couples.
But I have found some married couples (women especially) who hate this Hallmark popular holiday and they have good reason to.

Why not show your significant other how much you care about them everyday?

Honestly, why limit your display of affection toward your partner to just one day a year? Has chivalry really died? No…just that it’s not glamorized anymore. Same about romance. No one wants to fall in love anymore. They’d rather fall in lust.
And that’s just something I don’t get about my generation.
That’s something I hated when I was dating. I didn’t want to go home with you tonight only to leave in the morning…I wanted to find that person I could wake up with every morning for the rest of my life. Yes, I was one of those saps looking for a good ‘ole fashioned relationship-not a booty call.
And I did indeed find that. Granted, we’re not married or living together yet (I told Russell I refuse to move in until we’re engaged. So in the meantime I stay with him on the weekends and a rare weeknight here or there when it’s not exam week) so we don’t exactly get to wake up with each other every day (and him working night shift doesn’t really help with that either) but we both found that relationship that some people still dream about. We accept each other for who we are…not what we want each other to be. We’re both incredibly busy with clashing schedules but we still make time for each other. We stay in most weekends cooking dinner and renting movies from Redbox more than we go out to dinner and the three movies we’ve actually gone out to see. I know society makes it seem like 20-something females just want to be wined and dined but you can still do that at home. I don’t need Russell to drop money every time we go out and I even pick up the tab sometimes. He’s shown me how much he appreciates me with small gestures or flowers just because. I show my appreciation to him as well but I don’t think he’d take too kindly to a flower delivery.
But shouldn’t all relationships be like that? Where you’re comfortable with your partner that it isn’t about always going out and that you both can show each other that you care?
I have another blog on here about being a “nice guy” and it’s funny because Russell is what you’d call a nice guy but he’s never had to advertise it. He’s the type of guy that mothers dream their daughters would meet. I never have to wonder how he feels about me for he shows it everyday.
Just like it should be.

20140215-173354.jpgMy everyday Valentine still surprised me with flowers. I’m glad he skipped the cliché red roses. Purple and hot pink are my favorite colors.
I’ve really been slipping on this picture every day project. But this was before we headed out to dinner.

20140215-174054.jpgUs ❤

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