The {bad dating} stories are continuing!

This is part of my series of bad dating stories I’ve been posting to “celebrate” Valentine’s Day this month. 

I met DT on OkCupid (and then ironically he ended up signing up for POF later on). He happened to know some of the pharmacy students in the year above me and that’s how he started messaging me. .  He was a few years older than me and he seemed to hit up the bars every weekend like someone who was probably ten years younger than us. I told him I wasn’t too fond of the bar scene so I wouldn’t come out to meet him some evenings when he told me he was going.

We agreed to go to this one Vietnamese restaurant he went to almost every day. I jokingly called it his kitchen because sometimes he’d post on Facebook that he went there for lunch AND dinner that day at least 5 days a week. I had never been to this restaurant and I didn’t realize it was BYOB until DT met me there with a bottle of wine in a brown paper bag. I felt kind of out of place despite just meeting him and ironically I saw another classmate there. I was glad he decided not to come over to say “hi” like other classmates did during my date with Juicehead D. The date was going ok despite my initial uncomfortable feeling UNTIL he answered his phone!

{Now, I can’t lie…now that Russell and I are an established couple after dating for months, it’s normal for us to both be out and we check our phone or Facebook notifications—but not on the first date. We’ve already reached that level of comfort with one another.}

I just looked at DT as he’s on the phone gabbing with someone-a sibling, a parent, relative or friend? Who knows! I pulled out my phone as well and took a SnapChat picture and sent it to friends (and DT included) with the caption “Who answers their phone on a first date?”. When he got off the phone he tried laughing it off. He then looked at his SnapChat and saw what I sent him and laughed like he didn’t understand why it was such a big deal. Turns out it was his friend who was calling. This friend was also a regular at this restaurant and he was telling him that he was stopping by for dinner as well and then heading to the one popular bar in town. As I said, I’m not a bar fan…but he still suggested we go to hang out with his friend once we finished dinner.

I had never been to this bar-it was recently bought after the previous bar closed down and I had never been to that one either. I know that a lot of my pharmacy friends would go to this one since it was downtown but I didn’t see anyone I knew when I first walked in. After about 15 minutes, I saw a girl I went to high school with and I went over to make conversation since DT and his friend were gabbing it up. As I’m talking to my friend from high school, both DT and his friend walk over and then he realized that he had seen my high school buddy out before when either at this bar or another one during his bar hopping nights. It got kind of weird, because DT has this charismatic personality so you didn’t know if he was just being friendly or actually flirting with her.

Shortly after that, another friend of mine showed up with some friends for someone’s bachelorette party. I hadn’t seen her in a while so this was probably more exciting than the whole date in itself. It was nearing midnight and DT and his friend both suggested we leave (I had no choice since he drove me over here) but I was glad to get out of this now-crowded bar.

DT was charismatic, but he was friendly to everyone as well. There was no goodnight kiss, so this night could have been more of a hang out than a date since I saw he acted like this with everyone I witnessed. 


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