We are Phamily!

I just witnessed a very touching moment before my class let out for our lunch hour. 

Our one Dean went out on maternity leave this week and we were just updated on the birth of her new addition this morning. Her son died an hour after she gave birth to him on Tuesday. Her and her husband were already aware that there was a chance he wouldn’t survive because of his diagnosis earlier in her pregnancy. But because she was so strong in her faith, she decided to let God take care of it and hope for the best. Unfortunately he wasn’t meant to be here with her family. 

It was a very somber morning as we got into class and checked our email to see that. Shortly after, the CPFI President (whom happens to be a P2 student in my class) sent out another email letting us know that they would hold a group prayer for her right before we let out for lunch. 

Our CPFI organization isn’t that big since not everyone in our program is Christian-we have Muslim, Jewish, Atheist and other students who practice other religions. But it was very touching to see how many people from my class actually did come together to join in on this group prayer. 

It just showed how we’re more like a family who feels for other members than just a bunch of students who put up with each other for 40 hours each week. 



University of Maryland Eastern Shore School of Pharmacy class of 2015 Student Pharmacists right after our White Coat Ceremony where we took our “Oath of a Pharmacist” the day before we started our PharmD curriculum the next day. July 2012. 


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