Just because…


1. My favorite colors are dark purple and black. But not because I like the Ravens (I live in Maryland and people seem to expect you to be a fan of the Ravens and Orioles if you live here)—in fact I don’t like sports at all.

2. I’m more active on Twitter than Facebook but I’m equally as skilled on Instagram. You are welcome to follow. (In fact I was tagged in this on Instagram and I’ve just not had a time to complete this challenge)

3. I have a younger brother whom I always wished was a sister.

4. Because of number 3 I have no desire to have sons if I have children-I’d only want daughters.

5. But then again I don’t really want children. I don’t feel like my life is incomplete because I haven’t given birth yet.

6. I like cats more than dogs. But Pit Bulls are my favorite breed of dogs. Get out of here with those tiny yappers.

7. I’ve lived my whole life in the same area. Although I wouldn’t mind leaving the area, I somehow see myself stuck here.

8. When it comes to card games I still don’t know how to play Hearts or Spades. But I can kick your butt in Rummy. Just ask Russell.

9. I’m slightly old fashioned when it comes to dating and marriage-I don’t want to shack up with you for years to learn that the relationship will never be finalized. If you’re serious, then put a ring on it. And if you’re not then let me go.

10. And I’m not into having kids if not married. Some argue that they don’t want to marry a partner because they think it’s too big of a step but they don’t think anything of having kids with them. Um, isn’t that more permanent than a marriage that you can get out of?

11. I drive a 5 speed manual transmission. I don’t think I’ll ever own another vehicle that has an automatic transmission.

12. I’m slightly afraid of the dark. (Yes, at 27 I can admit this).

13. I share my birthday with celebs such as Paris Hilton, Joseph Gordon-Leavitt, and Michael Jordan. I can only stand the middle mention.

14. I didn’t originally want to be a pharmacist. I graduated high school with my future goal reading that I wanted to get my masters in psychology and then attend John Hopkins for medical school to become a psychiatrist.

15. I started college and in my first psych class realized I didn’t like it. Psych is just too subjective for me.

16. My parents are still married but I always wished my mom would have left my dad. He treats her (me and brother included) like shit. Everyone who meets him loves him-he shows them his Dr. Jekyll side—we’re stuck with Mr. Hyde.

17. I could probably be ok if I only ate sushi, pizza, and salad for the rest of my life.

18. I have a IMDB page. My friend directed a film called “Hookman 2” and I had a small part. I died in it.

19. I’m surprised how hard it is to come up with all these random facts.

20. I’ve to read feedback. It’s nice to see that someone actually reads this blog.

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One Response to Just because…

  1. Andrea says:

    Love it!!

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