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15 Reasons Why Maryland is Amazing

Originally posted on BS in BMORE:
I may not have chosen to grow up in Maryland, but I did decide to continue to live here (and trust me, I have thought about moving away, California always sounds nice). There is…

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In case you were wondering

It’s only Monday: Help! I’ve fallen and can’t get up. Maybe I can party instead.

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Being it’s the first day of Spring, I really hope Mother Nature got her shit in order.

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“My generation”…when did I grow up?

It’s 2014-I graduated high school in 2005-I’ll graduated with my doctorate degree in 2015. I never really considered myself old…or at least older than I felt.   Until a friend from high school started a Facebook page for our upcoming … Continue reading

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Good thing we’ll be pharmacists, because some of y’all need a chill pill

  Seriously…some of my classmates need to chill the fuck out about this upcoming Infectious Disease assessment. We already live our lives in two week blocks with a final at the end of each. This test is probably one of the … Continue reading

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“Hey Russell! He likes it!”

There comes a time when people who never really cooked before find themselves in situations where they cook all the time…like when they have more dinner-at-home-nights than going out. That’s what has happened with me. (Sure I lived with an … Continue reading

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Honey Lime Shrimp

Originally posted on The Dough Will Rise Again:
On Sunday, my husband decided he wanted me to pick up some fish at the grocery store for dinner that night. Now, I am not the world’s biggest fish fan. I can…

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