4 dates & you’re out!

I met Gus on OkCupid. I had briefly looked at his almost bare profile and then just went back to browsing. He obviously noticed where I viewed his profile so he sent me a message. He hadn’t really said anything about him in his profile or his messages but when he asked if I wanted to go out for a drink sometime, I thought sure why not. We met that weekend at the one Mexican restaurant where ironically BB happened to be as well. I hadn’t gotten Gus’s last name till this actual date. He told me that his roommate knew me when he saw my profile picture and that he had offered to show him my Facebook but Gus decided that he didn’t want to read anything-he’d rather go by his meeting with me. That’s when I realized that I didn’t know his last name to try to “creep” on him even if I wanted to.

We went out a few nights later again and this time going back to his house to hang out after the restaurant closed. He pulled out his computer and played songs he liked and I discovered that we had a lot of the same taste in music. Then he told me he sometimes like to look at pictures of cats on his computer. This was a new one I hadn’t heard from a guy before but I didn’t think much more of it till later on

We went out that upcoming weekend again and I told him that I wasn’t exactly free the following weekend because there was a formal that the other pharmacy fraternity at school was hosting. He kind of beat around the bush but he wanted to come with me so I asked him if he wanted to be my date. I was ecstatic that he said yes because I could finally bring a male to some function and not look like I had kept striking out with online dating which I had been.  I ended up picking him at his house and we drove down to the formal. I didn’t introduce him as my boyfriend simply because he wasn’t. Yes, he was the guy I was talking to at the moment but I only introduced him as my date. He got kind of weird during the night and said he was tired so I drove him back home. I was surprised when he told me that he was tired and was going to bed so he didn’t invite me in. The next few days he seemed distant when I tried to talk to him and eventually he told me that he had just gotten out of a long-term relationship two months before he signed onto OkCupid. His mom had encouraged him to try meeting new girls online and I was the first one he met. He didn’t really want to date but it wasn’t because he didn’t like me (or so he said) but because he didn’t want to get into a relationship again. He felt like going to the formal with me and being introduced as my date felt too much like he was my boyfriend and he wasn’t ready for that. He asked if we could be friends that hung out but I just laughed at that. We didn’t know each other before our date so why would I want to be your friend if you knew I was obviously into you?

I did run into him a few months ago at Walmart. I saw him walking towards my way and I quickly got on my phone and acted like I was absorbed in some serious text message. He stopped and said something to me anyway. It was kind of weird to make small talk but I cut it short and continued my shopping only to run into him again in another aisle and he joked that I must have been following him. That made for a weird shopping trip let me tell you.


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