The bad dating stories continue!

BF was an ex-boyfriend that I had dated years ago. Somehow we had gotten back in contact just to see how things were going and that ended up leading to him asking me to go out one night. We went out for sushi since he’s seen all my posts on Facebook talking about my cravings and that night went off pretty well despite the 7 year time lapse. BF admitted that he broke up with me after a short 3 month romance all those years ago because he was intimidated by me. When I was dating him it was during my fall semester of sophomore year at the local community college (that I really didn’t want to attend but since I had received a scholarship to cover my full tuition my parents kind of forced me even though I still ended up taking out 90% of the loans for my undergrad and now100% of my pharmacy school loans, eh sorry for the side story) but we had met in Calculus the previous semester. I was pre-med at that time with aspirations of attending medical school and possibly specializing in something other than general medicine. BF told me that he was intimidated by a smart female who knew what she wanted to do in life. I was very adamant (and I still am) that I was not going to date someone, get married and then drop my dreams to become a housewife that only bore children and kept up with my house for a living. Shortly after he broke up with me the one young pharmacist at my job was pursuing me and I started dating him. I remember BF telling me that I would get married to this pharmacist, drop out of college and become a housewife. Well 7 years later his prediction was wrong. He was telling me how he was an insecure 21 year old boy then and it scared him to be dating someone who was so gung-ho on their future while he was still figuring out his. I pointed out I never made it to medical school because I changed my plans to pharmacy but he said that didn’t matter because I’m here now almost finished school-still getting a doctorate like I had said I was going to.

I had told him how I had tried the internet dating sites and how they hadn’t been working too well for me. He caught me off guard when he said I just needed him to be my wingman. Um, I thought we were on a date, which we were. We had made plans to go out the following weekend but due to me getting sick that night I had to call and cancel. I was talking to him the following night and he was telling me how he went to some party his friends were throwing since I had to cancel on him. He mentioned drunk girls would come up to talk to him and he told me how he thought they were cute but he wasn’t interested because they were drunk and sloppy. It was my understanding that we were revisiting our old relationship and he’s here telling me how he could have picked up girls that night. Nice thing to tell the girl you’re trying to potentially date again.

We did end up going out the next weekend but that was the end of trying to rekindle that romance. I don’t even think either of us tried contacting each other after that. 

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