The best dating story of all…a successful one!

Oh where do I even begin? So Russell messaged me on POF. I knew who he was when he messaged me. I had seen him on my brother’s Facebook when they would talk about work issues. I had heard my brother mention him sometimes when he talked about nights out with guys from work. He was using the same picture as his Facebook profile and his screen name was his initials so it wasn’t too hard to put these together.

His first message was very short and to the point. It was just something like how he had read my profile and picked out some details to talk about. I almost didn’t want to write back because I felt kind of weird with him being my brother’s coworker ( Side note: 3 other guys who worked with my brother had messaged me on Facebook.  The one just didn’t get it every time he tried giving me his number, one was married, and the other one added me as a friend yet never spoke to me until he got drunk one night and asked if I’d be interested in going out for drinks. Ironically the last guy carpools with Russell to work so us dating had to be a sore topic for him on those rides to work). [And ironically my brother thinks because of his other coworkers who messaged me that’s how I met Russell. We had to tell him months ago that we actually met online.] But he turned out to be alright…in fact he seemed kind of awkward. And that’s the stuff Brandtastic likes. He made no secret about being divorced on his profile yet he didn’t mention their story until I asked him about it though.

What’s even funnier is that I would have thought he’d pick up on who I was. I had used my one picture of me in my white coat in my profile and he just never caught my name tag to realize that I had the same unique last name as his one coworker. So when he finally tells me his name other than just using his screen name, I was like “Yeah, I already know who you are.”

We went out a few weeks later after our initial conversation. I had been busy making up some finals during my summer term and then I was to head to Spain for 2 weeks for a “Spanish for Pharmacists” elective class. We went out June 1st (and we actually use this as our anniversary date) and I was flying out June 8th only to return home again June 23rd. We met for sushi (I love that he loves sushi almost as much as I do) and we actually closed down the place. We stood outside talking in the parking lot and it was funny because he had to cut the talking short because he needed to pee so he didn’t want to leave me waiting standing in the parking lot as he went to the grocery next door.

Honestly, I had no idea we would end up where we are now.

I was hesitant about dating him because A) he worked with my brother and B) I was almost ready to give up on dating. Not to be superficial but he isn’t Brad Pitt either, not saying that he’s bad looking but that I wouldn’t have gone right after him after knowing A. Plus most females want to think they’ll fall in love with some overly gorgeous stranger they meet on these dating sites. You have to look past the pictures to really see the person. You’re not going to be dating an online profile picture when you finally meet them in person so it’s important to be able to communicate and feel comfortable doing that.

But I’m very glad that I did give him a chance. I found out that he seems to be one of the only people to really get me. He has his quirky moments and that’s what I like—he’s just as weird as me at times.  He isn’t worried about getting people to like him and he isn’t one to just do something because everyone else is doing it.

He’s been very patient with me while I stress out about school and my every other week finals. He works nights so I’ve found that his work schedule works perfectly sometimes when I’m studying because I just don’t have the time to talk to him on assessment weeks and we always get our weekends together.

Early on in our relationship I’ve basically had free access to his place and it’s often a joke among his friends about when I’m moving in. Nine months after our first date and it’s still going strong because as it turns out I’m now making plans of finally moving out of my parents (I’ve never really had the reason to move out when I’m barely home and really with what money am I going to pay for an apartment I’d never see? My parents never paid for my undergrad tuition like they always said they would when I was growing up, so letting me stay here and give them free unwanted medical advice makes up for that) and in with him. I’m still surprised that things didn’t work out between him and his ex wife since it was her that ultimately ended their relationship. Why would anyone want to leave Russell? I don’t know what kind of stupid they got involved in and I don’t frankly care because I’m quite thankful that they did

 It’s amazing to meet someone and have such a connection but it’s even more amazing to be able to say you met because of an online dating site. Not many people think about the success stories when they hear the term “Online Dating”. I mean I just gave a whole slew of bad online dating stories and that seems to pretty much be the norm for online dating outcomes. 

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2 Responses to The best dating story of all…a successful one!

  1. Bex says:

    Leland feels the same about James. He is so glad James was an idiot. I feel so special that Leland thinks he won the dating lottery with me and he is so appreciative and loving! Then it makes me wonder – what the hell was I dealing with before I met Leland? WHY? Who knew?! haha Russell probably feels the same way

  2. Brandtastic says:

    Yes! Did you read the blog I linked in here about his ex-wife? I just don’t understand how she could leave someone like him..but then again she wasn’t with him for the right reasons either, I fear.

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