The icing on the bad dating cake.

I went out with Mike right before I started talking to Russell online. I was fed up with dating right after the whole issue with Gus and I was almost ready to give up and just sit out from dating for a while again. I met Mike on POF and he seemed fun-he was telling me how he liked to play poker in some underground league and how he tried to stay active on his days off from work. At first I wasn’t giving in to a date with him but after a week I had no excuse for that weekend and agreed to it. I’m generally up front and I made no exception for this date. I joked with him previous to meeting him about how guys only go out with me once and then I never hear from them again and how he would probably end up the same. He kept going on about wanting a girl who actually wanted a relationship-not one who only wanted to date someone so that they could be taken care of. Supposedly he dated some girls in the past who only wanted him to be their sugar daddy and constantly gift them with things. So I thought we had an understanding-that he had issues in the past with girls like this and obviously I had issues with guys accepting me for being me I guess. We met at this one restaurant for drinks and he seemed alright on the date. We had talked all week up until then via text so it wasn’t too awkward when we finally did meet since we did have these previous conversations to work off of. Nothing really stood out from the date but we both agreed to see each other again. However a few days before we were supposed to see each other he said he wanted to show me his cooking skills at his place and I agreed. Then a day before he tells me he hurt himself while working out and he could barely stand up so he hoped that he would feel better the next day for our date.

Guess what? The next day came, I text him to see how he was doing. And nothing.

I knew he was standing me up. Even after I told him about me getting tired of dating he swore up and down that he wouldn’t do such a thing. He would keep it 100% and be honest so when he was telling me how excited he was that we finally met and he was looking forward to seeing me again I kind of believed it. But I should have known he was a sleaze ball. Something just didn’t seem right. While I had told him about my previous strike outs on this online dating adventure I told him I also used OkCupid. Ironically he signed up on there right after he stood me up. I text him by the end of that night with “I hope you find whatever you’re looking for” and I know he saw my message since he has read receipts on his iPhone turned on.

I deleted him from my Facebook and was surprised when he commented on one of my public statuses a few weeks later.

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4 Responses to The icing on the bad dating cake.

  1. teddylee01 says:

    great post, did you give up on the dating sites?

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