We’re big girls now. How about we grow up?


So I’ve become slightly annoyed reading a few friends’ Facebook statuses when it comes to work. Before I get into this spiel, I realize that people may not understand why I can even say anything since I basically had to quit my job while working on my Doctorate (Doctor of Pharmacy) degree– but I used to work full-time before starting  pharmacy school. I even worked full-time during undergrad while working on my Bachelor’s degree. I would schedule all of my classes for the earliest times possible so then I could leave campus and go straight to work till 8pm 4 days a week (I worked 10 hour days EVERY  Saturday) and then still have to study when I got home from work. And as a Certified Pharmacy Technician I was always on my feet-running around the pharmacy to pull bottles from the shelves when filling or standing in one place for hours at a time when doing data entry. Even now that I’m in class the same amount of time that people go to their full-time jobs (yes, class is Monday through Friday 8am to sometimes 5 or 6pm thanks to my accelerated program) and my day doesn’t stop there because I still have to go home and put more hours in studying after sitting in class all day.

Ok, but that’s not the point of this current rant.

What is annoying is reading people complain about work like they’re the only person who has ever had to work.

First example:  R, someone in their early 20s who complains about all the shifts they put in at work. How long is a shift? Well if they’re posting the correct times, then they are usually 4 to 6 hour shifts. Most people go to work for at least 8 hours a day with a 30 minute lunch break (if they even get that). These shifts that R is complaining about may start in the morning and the other is in the afternoon or evening. She gets hours in between to take a break or nap whereas other working people do not get that luxury. Yes, people get tired when they get home from work, and yes sometimes there is drama at work that makes some days unbearable but you don’t have to update us all the time as if we’ve never had that experience. It’s hard for me to take you seriously as a hard worker when all you do is complain about your 4 hour shifts and how you think you need a promotion because you put in 2 shifts that day which ultimately is the same as a regular full-time job’s 8 hour day.

Another situation: It’s been a really weird winter here on Delmarva and we’ve had more snow than in the past years. People are always on Facebook commenting and complaining about the upcoming storm-and one girl, A,  likes to continually point out that even if it snows she still has to work. Well congrats! So do most other people as well. She constantly posts this statement like she’s the only one as if everyone else is getting a free day off from work. I think she fails to realize that just because some people want it to snow in this area they aren’t getting off from work either, but yet they just like to look at the snow and be reminded of a White Christmas (and White March?).

(And maybe I’m going to sound a bit condescending here, but believe me I’m not the only one) But she works at a place that is famous for only paying their employees minimum wage, and the job that she does there is not one of high importance so she really wouldn’t be missed if she called out for one day. There are enough people at this company that they could fill in for her if they really needed work done in her area. I’m sure I’m going to get backlash for this comment but I don’t care at this moment. If you only knew her and the situation you’d feel the same way too. So yeah, she works for minimum wage-maybe she needs all the money she can make at work? I doubt she even works full-time. The whole time I’ve met her she’s only held part-time employment and I’m pretty sure that’s because otherwise a full-time job would interfere with her bar-hopping and concert attendance. She lives at home still in her late 20s and she can’t even use the excuse about living at home and not trying to find another job (we have a mutual friend who offered her a job but she turned him down)because of school-because she dropped out of that when she failed one semester after staying up too late every night to talk to random strangers on Chat Roulette. I should feel bad because years ago when we were once close (or at least closer than we are now) it was brought to my attention that she has issues with a mental disorder. I don’t know all the details [disclaimer-not all mental disorders are severe. If you were to look at DSM-5 disorders such as hoarding, bulimia, seasonal depression and anxiety are considered as mental disorders]but I do know that it’s mild enough that she could function as a normal adult if she tried. Problem is however that she seems to have family and friends who don’t encourage her to grow up. This is seen from her list of priorities when she was asking people online the other night who had cough and cold medication because she didn’t have the money to buy any yet she had spent it on drinks that same night while at the bar. Her friends encourage her to go out to the bar like it’s her normal job and those that speak up about her bar tendencies are accused of not having any fun because they’re trying to be “too responsible”.  A friend that I met through her once told me that her and her fiancé offered  A a room to rent in their apartment for only $300 a month and A scoffed at that saying it was too much money. A is also the same one asking for any friends in the Midwest to let her crash on their couch while she finds a job out there because she wanted to leave this area. I just feel like she has no idea what real life entails. If you think $300 for a room in this area (which is much cheaper than other areas—including this city she wants to move to) is expensive I don’t know what you’re going to expect for a whole apartment when you move to a city halfway across the country. A is also known for drunk driving. You know the people who drink too much when they go out and claim they’re not too drunk to drive home-yeah, she’s that person. She’s gotten into a few car accidents because of it as well. Thankfully just with herself and no one else was involved.  (A few years ago she had to buy a new car because she totaled hers in one of these drinking and driving incidents. She posted pics of her new car online and included some kind of caption like she couldn’t go out as much anymore because she now had to pay for her car payments. Congrats! Welcome to growing up!) She’s been to court a handful of times because of this and just within the past year had her driver’s license suspended because of it. She’s gotten it back since so hopefully she learned her lesson the first time (or is this really her 5th or 6th lesson?).  Like I said, despite the fact that she has some sort of mild mental disorder there is NO reason why she can’t try to take some responsibility and grow up, right?

I’m just afraid of people like this who want to swear they’re grown ups but like I just pointed out, they have no way of acting like one when it comes to their jobs even as simple as they may be.

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1 Response to We’re big girls now. How about we grow up?

  1. KZ says:

    $300 with no utilities unless she wanted cable. C’mon now, thats a sweet deal.

    She is going to have some hard lessons to learn one day. Bless her heart.

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