“Hey Russell! He likes it!”

There comes a time when people who never really cooked before find themselves in situations where they cook all the time…like when they have more dinner-at-home-nights than going out.
That’s what has happened with me.
(Sure I lived with an ex before and I did some cooking…but he was practically spoiled since he came from a family with money so he ordered carry-out a lot.)
I had joked with Russell when we first started dating that I don’t cook. But that was kind of a lie. I can cook but I don’t cook for myself (or others) very often. We stay in most weekends so we’ve started cooking more and since I’m moving in soon looks like I’ll be cooking even more.
Like most females my age, I’ve come to learn that Pinterest is my friend. This is especially true for recipes.
I had a break a few weeks ago when campus was closed for a snow day so I made this creation and since I didn’t have to work this morning or study for reassessing yesterday’s Immunology & Rheumatology assessment I decided to hit up Pinterest once again.
I took three separate recipes to make one whole dinner…but of course with a few alterations.


Main dish: Honey Coconut Chicken
The original recipe was Honey Coconut Salmon but I switched out chicken only for the fact that I had it on hand. I pretty much stuck true to this recipe-it’s not much there as you’ll see. Russell mentioned he didn’t really like coconut so I was taking a risk when I made it-and he went back for seconds!

Side dish 1: Creamy Cucumber Dill Salad
I saw Barefoot Contessa make a cucumber salad years ago on her show and I have finally found something that looked as good as the one she showed. I ended up using two cucumbers and a whole red onion so I just doubled the ingredients for the salad portion. Russell is a big fan of sour cream and ranch and since the salad already called for sour cream I added a Harvest Dill Dips mix ranch packer by Hidden Valley since I didn’t have any dill. As for garlic I used minced garlic instead of fresh cloves. I made it up and stuck in the fridge to chill a few hours in advance.

Side dish 2: Crockpot Parmesan Ranch Mushrooms
This took about 4 hours in the crockpot but it was definitely worth it.
I added a quarter cup of sour cream and quarter cup of ranch dressing for extra flavoring. The extra ingredients must have hit the spot because Russell wanted more mushrooms as well.

I may have finally hit Trophy Girlfriend status. I can finally add chef to my list of qualities. Score!

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