Good thing we’ll be pharmacists, because some of y’all need a chill pill



Seriously…some of my classmates need to chill the fuck out about this upcoming Infectious Disease assessment. We already live our lives in two week blocks with a final at the end of each. This test is probably one of the hardest from what we’ve been told and they’ve made it so that we’re assessing on a Thursday instead of a Friday due to the American Pharmacists Association Annual Meeting and Exposition that weekend which also is the same time our school aptly scheduled our Spring Break. Some students go to exotic places like Cancun for Spring Break and the pharmacy students go to a conference on theirs. Isn’t that fun!?!  But at least it’ll be in sunny Florida.


So about this upcoming death-wish: it basically comes down to knowing all the bugs and all the drugs. I remember last year when we had our into to this with antibiotics, I told the technician at my IPPE site and she mistakenly said “Oh that has to be easy”–WRONG. We do NOT go to school to study what drugs are antibiotics and if they come in reconstituted forms. It’s a bit more involved than that. So we’re studying all of the bacterial organisms and how to treat them with their various antibiotics, because unlike popular belief Amoxicillin will not cure ALL infections. So it’s just a bit overwhelming and it’s also our last semester in the classroom setting so it’s almost like senioritis setting in. 

But what I can’t stand is the number of student who will run up to others and start freaking out. Not just about this test…but any of them. Honestly, what good is your freaking out going to do? It’s not helping and that time could be better spent doing other things…like studying said material rather than wondering how you’re going to know it all for the test.

Well, I have a life outside of the classroom. i joined a pharmacy fraternity-Phi Delta Chi– and we had an event last night. So I found myself going out to the one local bar for our Guest Bartending event that supported our national charity, St. Jude’s. I’m over the bar scene and all but it turned out pretty well, especially since it was for charity. It’s not like I was out all night-I came home at 11- and I even made it to class on time at 8am this morning. 



I don’t always go out on school nights but when I do, it’s to benefit St. Jude’s. 



Liz, one of our P3 “brothers” tending bar. She graduates in less than two months, and in fact tomorrow is the last day of APPE for her. I’ll miss seeing her at our events so hopefully she’ll come back as an alumni. 



In addition to it being a charity event, it was also our one “Brother”‘s 21st birthday. She’s pictured here with another classmate who just happens to be one of our current pledges. 



My “Little” and I. I don’t think we’ve taken a picture yet…so here it is. 

Yay, to brotherhood and St. Jude’s. 

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