“My generation”…when did I grow up?

It’s 2014-I graduated high school in 2005-I’ll graduated with my doctorate degree in 2015. I never really considered myself old…or at least older than I felt.  

Until a friend from high school started a Facebook page for our upcoming 10 year high school reunion. 

But then I really got thinking…how many “new” things come out these days-be it music, fashion, television shows- and people from my generation cringe? 

Example: And forget about wanting to watch music videos on Music Television (MTV) because it ain’t happening. Music videos have been replaced with scripted reality shows that almost never have anything to do with music. Another example…Justin Bieber. Enough said. 

Even with my parent’s music…I always considered that to be old. We would go camping on the weekends when I was in middle school. I hated camping…and most of the time I hated the music my parents made us listen to. I can’t say I hated it all-just some of it. They would make us listen to Carly Simon, Boston, the Eagles, Queen, etc. But I do have to say I do have have a soft spot for Queen. In fact I was kind of psyched when Mika came out with a cd a few years ago. Well, actually his first album was in 2007…more than just a few. But he sounded very similar to Freddie Mercury. It was almost like I was reliving my childhood listening to my parents’ music again-minus the bad camping trip. 


I guess this is the realization that we all won’t stay in that generation that is considered the young’ins. Which I gladly welcome..but it’s still surreal to think that this is what growing up is like. 

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7 Responses to “My generation”…when did I grow up?

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  2. Shane Morgan says:

    Great post. I totally agree with you about MTV. They should just be called RTV (Reality television). Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Brandtastic says:

      Thanks for reading. It’s a shame because I remember when I was younger, being able to watch music videos all day on MTV and VH1 and now you’re lucky to find one at all.
      Eventually they’ll be a thing of the past…”Why are they playing YouTube videos on the TV?”

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