Ugh…too many drugs

And no I’m not talking about the drugs you buy from the guy off the street corner.

If you haven’t read any of my blog posts before this, I’m a pharmacy student, working on my Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD)…going to school to study anything else does not make you a pharmacy student (kind of like people I know who are going to be assistants and say they go to Dental/Medical/Pharmacy school etc. Sorry for that rant…)

But anyway, I’m working my way through Infectious Diseases 2 and I just can’t stand it anymore. Learning all these HIV drugs will cause my head to explode. I was joking with someone about how frustrating this material was and she responded “Just don’t get it (HIV) then.” Oh if only…

I know a lot of people think it may be easy to study pharmacy, but I don’t think they realize how much it really entails. There is so much more to just learning how to count by 5 and putting pills in a bottle. And if they only knew how many drugs are actually out there that have to be studied before you buy them at the pharmacy. It would blow your mind, too.

But then again, maybe if people knew how bad some of their diseases were they’d take better care of themselves rather than progressing to the point where they can’t live without pharmacological interventions and then complaining about those unwanted side effects.
It’s all a big game of risks versus benefits. Which one will you choose?

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5 Responses to Ugh…too many drugs

  1. Bex says:

    I totally agree with you especially your last paragraph! The more I read about the Standard American Diet (SAD) and the diets of the people of other countries I realize that we are killing ourselves. And many of the drugs could be avoided with a good diet based on individual needs and some exercise! I am rethinking my career – I think I want to be a wellness coach. And when all else fails I’ll send them to you!

    • Brandtastic says:

      Slowly but surely we are. I was reading a forum on some website that I can’t remember the name to and a young girl was asking for advice on how to lose weight. She was drinking a large McDonalds milkshake a day with hopes that this would help because “it only has like 300 calories, right?”
      I think our culture makes it so easy to not want to try…don’t feel like cooking? Go to McDonalds instead and eat your daily calorie count in one sitting!
      I know I hear jokes about how as pharmacists, we just push drugs, but the field is taking on a more proactive role by encouraging patients to eat better, trying to push preventative lifestyle modifying choices so that maybe they can avoid medication a little bit longer. It’s a good stance to take, to try to encourage healthy choices—but I just think that we’re too late.

  2. First Congratulations. I am sure it can be daunting, but you will do great. I hear you on drugs. I am so tired of taking meds and supplements. I find myself learning more about this because of my brain injury. Its overwhelming

    • Brandtastic says:

      Thanks for reading (and the support!)
      I know most diseases can’t avoid being heavily aided with pharmacological therapy but a lot of people can easily prevent some of their problems early on. My dad is a perfect example-he has diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure) and high cholesterol levels. All three of those lead to increased risks of heart attacks and stroke yet some people don’t try to help themselves out by doing some of the preventive measures that may decrease their chance of needing more medication to take. Yet they’ll complain about the side effects and how they waste all this money on medication only to not see results because they’re not working to help themselves with the medication. Some things can be easily prevented.
      Although not all…but hopefully in the near time future more strides can be made to help some of these diseases that so far have no treatment. I wasn’t familiar with your injury so I made sure to look it up. I wish you well with your case and hopefully we both can blog about new discoveries in the future 🙂

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