“It’s the end of the world as we know it”…

I’ve learned that when it comes to the internet and having conversations with others, there are some subjects you want to steer clear of—politics and religion. Everyone has their own opinion and they all think they are right…even if they don’t have an opinion. I’ve never been a really religious person (I’m Christian, I go to church on the main holidays as of late only because I’d rather sleep in on Sunday than go to church but I still believe) but I do think that the end is closely approaching.

Why do you ask?

Just like Becca pointed out in her blog about why Maryland sucks, crime has exponentially gotten worse over the past few years. When I was in middle school (I graduated high school in 2005), the first big national massacre (of my time-there has been more before this but this is a notable one that really made me aware as to there was more happening in the world than just where I was presently located) was the Columbine High School Massacre on April 20, 1999. 9/11 followed, and a little more than a year later so did the Beltway (DC) Sniper Attacks in October 2002. A few years passed and then Virginia Tech Massacre happened on April 16, 2007 (and tomorrow just happens to be the 7 year anniversary of this incident). The weekend before I started my pharmacy program, I remember hearing about the Colorado theater shooting during the midnight screening of the Dark Knight Rises on July 20, 2012 and closing out the year with the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting that December. Just recently our local crime has gotten bad as well-for such a small town, Salisbury is becoming the new Gotham City. Just this year alone I can name a few incidents that have happened and it’s only April! In March alone, there were two police-related shootings that happened within a week’s time, our local mall, The Centre At Salisbury had a bomb threat followed by a bank robbery later that day, and as of this past weekend, our one local also Walmart had a bomb threat. I sometimes pick up on the amount of local public schools that have been plagued with bomb threats called in as well. Thankfully that is all that these incidents have been, but it’s way worse than when I was in school. I think we did have one bomb threat called in when I was in middle school so we sat outside for half of the day but lately it seems that one school may receive a threat and then the next week another area school receives one as well.

What is going on?!?!

I can’t even comment on more national news since I rarely have time to watch tv to catch the headline news but I know some people are worried that foreign issues will become national issues. 

Then I log onto Facebook (which sadly sometimes serves as my ONLY news source other than Twitter) today to see an article about a pharmacist who was shot and killed in Virginia Beach. Pharmacy crime in itself has been on the rise and this is something that should scare myself and my classmates. Just a few years ago we heard about that Walgreens pharmacist who was fired for pulling a gun on robbers–even though he saved himself and his employees and NO ONE WAS HURT! This is a subject we once talked about in our one class-if we thought pharmacists should be allowed the right to carry in case of these break-ins when we ourselves become pharmacists. It has mixed feelings and this who pro-gun ban doesn’t help any. 

But if the end of the world is coming maybe we won’t have to worry about these “what if’s” 

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2 Responses to “It’s the end of the world as we know it”…

  1. Bex says:

    I am wondering about “the end of the world” or at least civilization and society as we know it today. I used to think Preppers were silly and ridiculous. Now I think I need to take some prepper tips and classes – get a bug out bag ready and be prepared for the next world war, revolution, or civil war….. I feel like something is coming. In my lifetime. Once I tried to warn my brother about this and he asked me if I was drunk. *sigh*
    Anyway – Thanks for the mention & link!

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