Throwback Thursday has turned into Follow-up Friday

I started this blog hoping to write daily, hence Brandtastic’s daily ramblings but this semester (Hell this whole school year) has made that almost impossible. Until now.

Two weeks ago today was my last official day of class. Ever. I went to campus the following Monday for our assessment review the day before last Tuesday’s assessment. (Granted, due to our program’s high minimum passing grade of 85% I have to retest on two assessments because of my 83s in the next few weeks but that’s another story)
I still have a year till I graduate thanks to 8 5-week Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs) but this is the bittersweet end of classroom learning.

20140516-101006.jpgWhite Coat Ceremony, July 22, 2012

20140516-101143.jpgFirst semester. We ended up keeping this sitting arrangement through all 4 semesters.

First day of Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE)-I would have a different IPPE site each semester

First day of the sixth week of class. We started 6 weeks before undergrad or any of the other graduate programs came back to campus so on their first day everyone was taking “First Day” pictures and I decided to jump in on that.

Salamanca, Españasummer of 2013 for a 3 credit Spanish for Pharmacists course. I was only there for 2 weeks but I would give anything to go back somedays.

20140516-101852.jpgOur last semester of class. See I told you we basically kept the same seating. We just somehow forgot to take pics for the second and third semesters.

My last IPPE was at a nursing home where we were required to go visit our assigned residents on our off week as well. My friend, Cristina, and I decided to have some fun with their St. Patty’s decoration when we visited the one day.

20140516-102211.jpgMy last day of IPPE ever

20140516-102351.jpgKappa Psi’s Spring Formal with Russell

20140516-102510.jpgWe couldn’t get a “Last Day of class” pic since Bhumy (far left) wasn’t there but we took one after our last review.

20140516-102632.jpgJust this past Monday, Bhumy got hitched at the courthouse. They’re planning a big official wedding after graduation next August but couldn’t wait. Shhh! It’s a secret.

20140516-102811.jpgCristina and I last night helping out as ushers at the Class of 2014 Hooding & Awards Ceremony.

20140516-102939.jpgLast night’s Class of 2014 Hooding Ceremony. Hard to believe that will be me next year, hooded and taking the “Oath of a Pharmacist” as a newly minted PharmD.

Now here’s to hoping the next year goes as smoothly and comes complete with pictures so that one day I can look back and reminisce.

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