Women: don’t sell yourself short. Don’t go for this guy.

I once mentioned this guy before in another blog post. But every time he rambles on about his “opinions” (that he’ll continue to point out that we don’t need to like) it just makes my blood boil.

I asked him once what happens if his wife made more money than him? This was of course in reference to his whole pre-nup (which he constantly calls pre-nump) rant one day. I really think this guy thinks women are inferior. He’s never came out and said it but that’s what I’ve concluded by his whole idea that we’re supposed to be submissive while he goes to work and hopefully makes $50k a year (as if it’s some huge amount of money that he doesn’t expect his future wife would be making-or possibly all females since he thinks we’re broke always relying on men. See previous blog post as mentioned). Hopefully is noted because he’s not yet there and he keeps mentioning how he can’t wait to get a job making that much. But then again, what if his dream girl comes along and is making $75k a year? Is he going to tell her that he expects her to go sit in the kitchen, pop out his babies (and for such a tradition marriage guy, he already has one child OUTSIDE of wedlock so hypocrite much?), clean his dirty house and rub his feet when he gets home because he’s worked a long day while she hasn’t?
(But then I’m really curious as to how he won’t feel guilty when they divorce-his “pre-nump” most likely won’t make spousal alimony possible and how is she to survive if she’s only working that part-time job he is so adamant about her not working?)

Give me an effing break.
If Russell ever told me he wants me to sit at home, watch invisible kids we’ll never have, and clean up after him I’d tell him he has another thing coming for him.

What’s even scarier is that there are females out there who would love nothing more than this. Not because they dream of being mother and housewife but rather because they’re lazy. If given the chance some females would love to just quit their job and let someone else take care of them financially. Want proof? People who actually sign up on a Sugar Daddy/Baby Website looking for this. I just don’t get it-women have fought so hard to be considered equal amongst their male peers only for a portion to go backwards. And these women ruin our image in certain situations.

Attractive female in a bar? Some guys probably don’t expect her to be a CEO, lawyer, or doctor. They expect her to be another run of the mill girl looking to pick up a husband in the bar. Even everyday conversations meeting new people can lead to this situation as well. I’ve been in non-pharmacy or academic settings and just talking to someone when they ask, so what do you do. I’m not there yet but when I mention I’ll graduate from pharmacy school next year it has thrown some people off. I guess being young (well 27 may not be too young, but I do look younger) doesn’t help either. It’s like it’s not expected that the female you’re holding a conversation with will be successful-one that won’t have to rely on being a (stay at home) trophy wife to survive.

My message to any females reading this: if you want your education and your career go get it. If a man who supposedly loves you tells you to give it up so that you both can partake in a “traditional marriage” then run.
Unless you want to be a pampered housewife (I know some women dream nothing more than this. Good for you. It’s just not for me). But if you want your career as well you shouldn’t be forced to choose.

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2 Responses to Women: don’t sell yourself short. Don’t go for this guy.

  1. thenarcissistwrites says:

    Don’t get irritated by this guy. He’s never going to find a woman willing to put up with this kind of bullshit, or if he does, he’s going to find out it’s not as great as he thought.

    • Brandtastic says:

      Thanks for reading! I don’t really associate with him (since he’s one of those people you go to high school with who send you friend requests on Facebook) but I really need to hide his status updates. As a female who refuses to rely on a man it angers me that he can be so backwards and think that he has to be the superior one in his relationship-like he’s never going to find someone to trump him or he just thinks we’re incapable of being better. But it will be interesting to see what happens 20 years down to road to see if anyone was stupid to live by those demands.

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