“Blood is thicker than water”…but they do make Coumadin!

So now that graduation season has almost come to an end there are a lot less statuses I read about people spouting their unconditional love for their family and how that’s all that should matter and that you don’t have your priorities straight if they don’t come first. 

Sorry, but WRONG.

Not everyone is a family person. Family members still have the potential to stab you in the back and be disloyal to you. I had a situation a few years ago where my own (extended) family members wouldn’t congratulate me after I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree but yet they welcomed a complete stranger into the family showering her with gifts. Yes, our situations were quite different but not getting in to many details, lets just say that they forgot that this stranger was NOT family and often let her speak ill about me. There were slanderous posts online where my family members NEVER took up for me. There was never a comment like “Hey! That’s my niece/cousin/whatever”. I felt like my own family decided to listen to the lies this girl spewed and they ended up forgetting that I was their real family member. 

I live 3 hours from most of my extended family-my parents moved from near Baltimore to the Eastern Shore right before I was born and most of their family stayed there except for a select few who moved out of the area. Ocean City, MD is a big tourist destination here on the shore and some of the same family members I just spoke about would make a few trips each summer to visit Ocean City, yet my parents and I were just along the way and they never made an effort to stop by to see us. Yet when I would make trips to see an ex-boyfriend who had moved nearby across the bridge they always had something to say about how I would drive over there yet I wouldn’t come to see them. Isn’t that exactly what you guys did when you bypassed me to go to the beach? Yeah…

Then there is the whole conversation about my father. If you haven’t read that blog post to know what his deal is, then please catch up. Father’s day is this upcoming Sunday and I can’t say that I’m going to give in with the whole family thing. 

Sorry, not going to happen. I’m going to take my daily dose of reality and know that I don’t need to value family members that don’t value me. And because of this, it doesn’t mean that my priorities are messed up; but rather that I’m not going to kid myself anymore. 

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