“Pour some sugar on me”…how about not?

I was at work today and that song “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Leppard came on the radio which brought back weird memories I had of this guy I went out with a few times.

I can’t remember how I even met this guy- I think he got my number from a friend of mine since he was good friends with her now husband. He’s a good ole church boy so some topics of dating related to religious morals. I wasn’t as big in my faith as he was but there wasn’t ever a problem.
Except that he seemed very naive at times. He would drop me off at my house and when he went in for the good night kiss it usually followed him saying “Pour some sugar on me” and a quick peck. When I finally did get this guy to upgrade from simple pecks it was horrible-or rather he was inexperienced and tongues were flying all over the place.

But that was the scene that came flooding into my head this morning as this song was playing. I started laughing and told the pharmacist I was working with the story as well.
She laughed at the part when I told her about this falling out that was the end of us: I don’t remember all the details but I told him he was a nice guy, just not for me. After some questioning I think we got into a previous conversation we had about the craziest thing we had ever done when he told me “You know I don’t have pre-marital sex”. Yes I was aware but I also thought there were more things you can do that isn’t sex…and I wasn’t beating around the bush about other non-intercourse sexual activities but rather crazy situations you’ve been in. Like staying up all night to drive to the beach in the next town yelling out weird Spanish phrases to people walking on the sidewalk? Ok so I didn’t really live a crazy life either but it was something that’s not in my norm.

He’s a nice guy so I can’t really chalk this up to a bad dating story but rather one of my funnier ones. I think he’s engaged last time I talked to him so I wonder if he still uses that line when going in for a kiss…

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