It’s about time I get in here to start writing again…

So I’ve been MIA for a while.

And I apologize.

I started my last year of pharmacy school-doing eight 5-week rotations 4 weeks ago. Yes-that means this rotation is coming to an end. Thank god. I’m at our local hospital doing an “Advanced Institutional” rotation basically experiencing a bit of everything- delivering medications to the nursing floors, watching the IV and chemo techs make the TPN and chemo bags (I don’t trust myself to try helping so I ask questions when in there plus the pharmacists check the medication so I don’t necessarily need to make them), processing medications that doctors send to the inpatient pharmacy, and projects that my preceptor just keeps piling on. I’ve never been so exhausted when I get home-these 40 free hours of labor a week are more tiring than any 40 hours of work I ever got paid for.
I’m not sure if it’s because it’s all new-I have 11 years of retail experience so being in the hospital is a whole new ball game-or because I just don’t like it.

For someone who said their reason to switch from pre-med to pre-pharmacy was because they didn’t like people (and I didn’t want to have to be all up in their faces in order to treat them. Side note: watching Grey’s Anatomy has only confirmed I went with the right program.) I actually miss the patient interaction that you get in retail.

Well my next block is at a doctor’s office for “Ambulatory Care” starting the next Monday so hopefully I don’t get too much patient interaction that disgusts me again.

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