Worst term of “endearment” ever

I always cringe when people use that term “baby daddy”. It makes it sound like that’s all the male was-the sperm donor alone.
What ever happened to referring to them as your husband, fiancé or boyfriend?
But then I forgot that people don’t take relationships seriously anymore so they definitely don’t care who they have kids with.
You don’t think you’d want to be married to your current partner so you keep saying you’re not serious enough for marriage-but yet you’re serious enough to want to commit 18 years of sharing custody with them?
Now that doesn’t make sense to me. With a divorce you can pay up to thousands of dollars and you’re finished-can’t do that with a kid. You’re stuck for life.
One recent incident that has really supported my confusion of it all is this person I heard about who him and his pregnant girlfriend broke up before the birth of their child. When the child was born he tried to make amends and talked about trying to win back his love of 11 months-not even a year together and people are popping out kids together.
I realize mistakes happen but why are we not more careful? I see it more and more often that people end up getting pregnant with their recent fling and then they’re cursing the fact that they have to deal with them for the sake of their child together. If people think they’re not ready for marriage or more serious relationships then why not apply this to children?
I still think I was born in the wrong generation-couples get married then plan to have children. Not get knocked up and then maybe then they’ll stick around.

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