So…it’s been a while.

And I apologize for that. Really.

I fail at this “I’m going to blog everyday” thing.

If you read some of my first blog posts this year I had planned on blogging everyday and that got boring-it was like my personal journal with mundane details of my daily life. And believe me…my life is not that glamorous.

So a lot has happened since my last blog post-I’m finishing up my third APPE (Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiential) pharmacy rotation (only 5 more blocks to go), I just recently left my job of 8 plus years to go to a new one (or rather back to the same company I left my one job for), and some other stuff.

So…as for APPEs-the time is flying by. My first block wasn’t very beneficial in my opinion (and a bunch of other students’ opinions either), my second one was great and now my third one is iffy. My second one was at a doctor’s office where our one professor who is an Ambulatory Care Clinical Pharmacist has a diabetes management clinic set up. For 5 weeks, I talked to people about their diabetes and how they were controlling it (or in some cases how they weren’t) and I can honestly say I’m tired of diabetes. I once thought I wanted to get my board certification in Advanced Diabetes Management and right now I’m not even sure. But who knows? Time will tell. I’m currently at another hospital (different than the first one I was at for the first block) where half of the time there is nothing to do after noon. I drive 45 minutes to get here, to maybe do work for a good 2-3 hours if I’m lucky and then I sit around the rest of the day working on RxPrep for NAPLEX. I was told by some of my pharmacist friends on Twitter that I shouldn’t complain about not having enough to do but honestly I’m paying to be here and I’m not getting enough out of it. Maybe other students don’t mind it but I’d rather get the experience now so that it can help me when we take the before-mentioned NAPLEX  Plus if I’m not getting my money’s worth there is no way for a refund either. But maybe this is just me wanting to be an overachiever?

As for my job: I celebrated 8 years in August…but to no avail. I was working for an independent chain that is known in the area for offering services that you can’t always get at other chain pharmacies. I was lucky that they let me stay on when I started pharmacy school since they could have easily said they didn’t me if I was only part-time. It’s a weird story on how they do their scheduling but believe me, they really don’t have too many part-time people in the pharmacy. Plus when I started pharmacy school I never received a raise since I was now a pharmacy intern-I heard from other students who NEVER stepped foot in a pharmacy until school that they were getting jobs as Interns at other pharmacies and getting paid MORE than myself (after 6 years of being there mind you). I also had to look at the fact that since the owners’ son graduated this May and they could barely give him 40 hours a week, there would likely be no job for me when I graduate this upcoming May. So I made the hard decision to look around—and found myself back at my old company I left in order to go to this one.

I knew this chain (whom I will not be naming here on my blog due to privacy) was having problems with hiring interns who will stay in the area to stay as pharmacists so I contacted the district manager and told him I was planning to stay in the area after graduation and I was looking to find a job where I can transition from Intern to Pharmacist. It worked-so after 4 months (!yes, 4 months!!) everything has straightened out and I was able to give two weeks at my pharmacy, worked my last day last Saturday only to start the next day at the new job. Of course with my rotation during the week it’s not possible to work except for the weekends, but I’ll take that if it gets me in the door and that much closer to my pharmacist job.

I’m going to save some other topics for more entries—so that it’s not another two months before I write on here again.


IMG_7357.JPGSitting in the car this morning before going into the hospital.

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