Fake and flaky friends are no friends of mine

So, this blog post has been brought to you among wedding plans and who (or who not) to include in our bridal party.

I can’t say I have too many friends that have lingered since high school (mind you, that was almost 10 years ago since my 10 year reunion is this June eek!). Only one friend really still talks to me and she doesn’t even live here anymore. She’s proven to be more unreliable as time goes on as well. That would deserve a whole blog post unfortunately.

I have some close friends from my job that I just left in September. But since I started pharmacy school the July before that I didn’t see them as much and I found myself hanging out more with my classmates. These friends are still just a text message away and there are always the comments such as “We should all get together some time” that never happen. Well, except with the one friend-she now has a baby and I realize that staying home with her family is going to be more important than going to dinner with her girls so I’ve stopped by the house a few times to see her and her little man.

As for the other friend-the same weekend I moved in with Russell, the fiancé,  she moved in with her boyfriend. JUST DOWN THE ROAD FROM US. Yet, she’s infamous for asking how I am and then stating we need to get together soon. It never happens. After talking to the motherly friend, she states flaky is always doing this…yet cancels plans a day or two before they should happen, usually because she doesn’t have the money for it now. I’ve yet to officially plan any kind of outing with her since I know she does this. But a few days after I got engaged she texted me asking how was engaged life. Nothing different really other than everyone wants to see your ring and ask when the big day is. But after a few responses between us she responds with “I hope I’m invited to the wedding”…Now, some friends have told me this is rude, but I was going to invite her anyway—Hell, I originally planned on asking her to be a bridesmaid but if you really doubt our friendship like that then why should I ask? Plus, I don’t want to run into the problem of her telling me a week or so before the wedding that she can’t be in it anymore because she can’t afford her dress or something. (Seriously, I know of a girl who her one bridesmaid cancelled the night before because she didn’t have the gas to get to the wedding the next day!)

Don’t get me wrong this girl is nice, I just don’t think she’s all the way there. I don’t know if her asking if she was going to be invited to the wedding was some kind of ploy for me to proclaim “Of course! You’re going to be in it too!” or what. But it did make me rethink my bridal party selection. I forgot to mention that this girl sells products for one of those home party companies. You know, you always get the invites for certain products (Pure romance, Pampered Chef, Thirty-One gifts, Mary Kay, etc)that friends are hosting parties at their houses and you should come by and certainly buy something. It seems the only way to definitely have her join you somewhere is if you’re interested in hosting one of these parties as well. Sorry, but I don’t want to have one of your parties for my birthday just to get a discount on merchandise. If I want it, I’ll be sure to buy it.

So ultimately I’ve narrowed down my selection to 4 bridesmaids. Two know who they are but the other two don’t yet. My birthday is coming up and I’m having another kind of home party (lol oops, sorry just not her stuff) and I’m officially asking my bridesmaids then.

As for Russell’s groomsmen….he has 4 picked out as well. Two being his brothers, one being a friend he’s had for years and the other one being a guy he works with. I didn’t have to worry about him picking his one former “friend” and I use the term friend very loosely.

He had a falling out with this one guy…I can’t even call him a man because he certainly doesn’t act like it. But unfortunately it seems this guy is trying to work his way back into Russell’s good graces by trying to tag along whenever Russell and another friend hangs out. I love him dearly, but he’s too nice to people who don’t deserve it. This guy has been rumored to have a crush on me for years and from that his wife used to get jealous when he would hang out with my brother. I never even spoke to the guy until a few years ago. And believe me it was definitely not mutual. But once I started dating Russell, I figured out how these rumors came to be. He would conveniently bring me up in conversations with Russell and his friend-butting in trying to give his unwanted relationship advice. Sorry, but I don’t need Russell taking advice from a guy too afraid to tell his wife he’s hanging out with his friends. Not to mention that he doesn’t seem to respect his wife. If you can’t stand your wife then divorce her.

I’m just hoping Russell doesn’t fall prey and think this guy is trying to rekindle their friendship. There was never anything good that he could say about hanging out with him. Maybe it was a good laugh to see how quiet he could get when Russell talked about how well we were doing, but it’s not worth it. I had a friend just like this one. There was NOTHING good that came out of that friendship and honestly I only tolerated her because it was easier than telling her “I don’t want to be friends with you”. I’ve been happier since I cut my ties, and I see that Russell has been happier too since their falling out. I just hope he remembers how this guy caused drama and then acted like he did nothing wrong. Don’t let history repeat itself, please.

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