School’s out forever…well soon.

I’m finishing up my last week of this current APPE in the Emergency Department. Actually today is our last day. But where has the time gone? This is my 6th (5 week) block so only two more till graduation, freedom and the dreaded student loan payments.

We even got our preceptor a card (and my partner threw in some specialty beer)

Everything is starting to fall into place nicely-I’m engaged to a guy who gets me in such a way that it’s weird to imagine not being with him (and he’s a “nice guy”—nice guys don’t always finish last and we do give them a chance); we have a modest home that’s easy to upkeep; my 10 year post-secondary education battle will be complete in May with a PharmD; and I just bought a new car last weekend.
(You can even see my old run down focus behind it)
I originally wanted to wait before buying a new car-possibly after graduation. After staying with my cousin and her husband in NOVA (Northern Virginia-in the DC area) during my last rotation we talked about luxury cars since they are both well versed in that. It sounds nice that I’ll graduate with a 6 figure income so one may think buying one of these luxury cars would be feasible but after looking at my student loans (looking at about ~$2k a month), household upkeep costs, and yearly taxes it’ll still be a tight budget until I can get these loans taken care of. So I wanted to look at cheaper models but just happened to find this 2013 Honda Accord with low gas mileage and a decent price. Sold!

But is it weird that I felt a slight pang of sadness the other day-I kind of missed my 2005 Focus. I bought it brand new (with 11 miles that I probably put on there with my test drive) in my senior year of high school. Right after my 18th birthday in fact. (Ironically 10 years later I bought this one right before my 28th-my birthday is this upcoming Tuesday). I remember how proud I was that I could buy my own car (granted my parents did buy me a really cheap one from an auto auction when I turned 16) when other students in my school were having their parents buy them brand new or almost brand new vehicles. I remember being able to appreciate my parents for doing that since I did learn responsibility-it wasn’t handed to me.

And I’ll gain more responsibility once I pass my pharmacy boards this summer. Who would have ever thought the ditzy little blonde girl in high school would be in charge of your medicine?
With that sad, don’t doubt someone’s intelligence based on their hair color (plus it was fake anyway) :-0

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