Ghosts of Valentine’s Past

So this past Saturday was Valentine’s Day and it’s always an interesting topic for people-generally those who are coupled up are over the moon about the day and those who are single or just bitter in general hate the idea.

Of course I’m impartial to the holiday (if you even want to call it that). My birthday is 3 days later (which happens to be today) and I’ve always gotten myself a gift regardless because who is going to love me if I can’t love myself?

I was telling Russell, my fiance, about the one year I was single and how Valentine’s Day didn’t have to suck because of that. It was a group of myself and other single female friends (except for one-her husband was working that weekend) who went to the Chinese buffet and then went to see Valentine’s Day at the moves that night. None of us were pouting because we didn’t have a guy to treat us…we treated ourselves.

But it’s funny how some people make a big stink about it…especially on social networking. What I love is the people who when they were in relationships they went goo-goo and gaga over their significant others talking about how they were the love of their lives and now that they’re finished it was just another day to hate. Seriously? Can’t we be fine without a significant other? I think so.

So my next point may sound like it’s cancelling out my first one but I promise it’s not. Two years ago (before most of my bad dating stories) I had finally decided to try dating again. My ex and I broke up the weekend before pharmacy school; I went out on a date with one guy and then decided I needed some time to find myself. So this time was up, and I decided right before Valentine’s Day 2013 maybe I should try again and I signed up online again…

Well one guy I had briefly messaged during the first dating website snafu (where I ultimately ended up going out with this guy who made me decided I needed a time out) had messaged me not even 12 hours after I put my profile back up online. Valentine’s Weekend was coming up and he suggested we finally go out. We had never met before but we had texted back and forth for hours on end. He seemed interesting until I found out he was talking to this girl I knew (and I wasn’t exactly impressed with her since she had the reputation of being the town trampoline). Supposedly he stopped talking to her then but never pursued anything further. So at this time, I was hesitant but ok, I’ll give you a chance. We were to go out that Friday or Saturday night but he then had to cancel. What I didn’t mention was that he was on my Facebook and Foursquare. So through some honest creeping (I mean he was technically my friend, right?) I was able to find out that he was seeing someone else and was constantly up her butt. So I confronted him…like how are you going to start texting me again telling me how you want to try something this time and you’re already seeing someone? I’m sorry, but you don’t casually take out just anyone on Valentine’s if they didn’t mean anything. And that’s what he was telling me.

Thanks to Timehop I got to relive some of those messages back and forth since I remember screenshotting them and sending them to my friends like “Can you believe the nerve of this guy?”

I still stand by the notion that I can be a bit prudish and old fashioned so I didn’t appreciate someone basically screwing someone else but trying to get with me as well. Brandy is not a side piece…and I wasn’t going to allow myself to be treated like one either.

So we never went out…never even met in person. He moved to California but seeing some of those ball-busting texts did give me something to smile about that day since I was working on Valentine’s Day.

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