#FlashbackFriday: APhA2015 in San Diego two weeks ago 

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve done a lot of traveling since starting pharmacy school. This year’s annual meeting for American Pharmacists Association (APhA) was in sunny San Diego, California. It’s about time I finally got off the east coast-even if just for a weekend.  


 Yes that’s a Twitter @. Want to follow me for more regular updates-please do! 


 Our School of Pharmacy Dean was awarded once again. She’s so esteemed in this field that I can only hope I’m like her one day. 


Warm beach weather was a welcome site for these Maryland girls…its rainy and about 50 degrees here today. 



 Of course I had to try California’s version of sushi…not really a difference but more like an excuse just to pig out on the delectable rolls. 


 One of the rare times I’ll ever take a full body shot…its hard to find someone to take it for you. 


 Just goofing around. 



 And did I mention all the free goodies at the expo?  

While this year and last year (in Orlando, Florida) was fun I’m not sure if I’ll attend next year since its in Baltimore. Sure it’s closer, but I’d rather take off a weekend from work (provided I actually work that weekend) to go somewhere I don’t usually get to see. Plus the beaches kind of helped too.  

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