Why I won’t call my fiancé “the love of my life”…yet

I may be getting married next April but you won’t catch me calling my fiancé “the love of my life”. At least not yet. 

Before I get into this post I need to clear this up: I do love him (or else what is the point in getting married to him?) and I want to spend the rest of my life with him but he’s not the only guy I’ve ever loved. In fact our 2 year anniversary will be this upcoming June and I’ve had previous boyfriends I had been with longer. 

I just feel like that term is over-used. There are a handful of girls that I know who break up with their boyfriends who ironically were once the love of their life and start dating someone else who within a month has taken over that title. I laugh at their #MCM posts gushing about their current boyfriend “He’s the love of my life” when I know that just two months ago that previous boyfriend also held the title. And really, how many lives do you actually  have

So when I told my one coworker about how I won’t call my fiancé by this title she was shocked and stated I should because I’m marrying him.  Again, yes I love him-but he’s also not been the only love interest in my life (or held that spot for the majority of the time). 

This doesn’t discount my love for him or our relationship but I feel like when we get to that point that we’ve been together longer than any other previous relationship we’ve been in then I can refer to him as the love of my life since he’ll be the one I’ve loved for most of it. 

So in #MCM style, here is my love and I this past Saturday night. He’s a goof for sure but I look forward to this for the rest of my life. 



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One Response to Why I won’t call my fiancé “the love of my life”…yet

  1. Love it! You two seem adorable together! Congratulations on your engagement!

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