Wedding planning and (wedding body) is in session

So we’re at less than a year to the wedding. 

And lately I’ve been feeling really bad since I don’t like the way I’ve “let myself go”. It’s easy to say I’m going to go home to work out and eat better but it’s not always possible in pharmacy school.  I would come home after class and hit the books. And as for food-I could cook a healthy dinner the night before with the intent to eat it the next day but studying really made me crave the food I knew I shouldn’t be eating. 

So here we are now. 

This was a little over a week ago. I think the dress over leggings is slimming but you can tell I’m not a size 2. Russell hates this outfit however…but what does he know-he’s a man (and we won’t even discuss his wardrobe choices). 


And this was this past Saturday. I changed after work and decided on this get-up for date night. 

(I’ve noticed I really don’t like the lighting in this room…although the hideous yellow walls don’t exactly help). 

So I’m hoping that since it’s the end of this stressful ordeal (yay for graduation in 11 days!) I can finally work at this-to be healthier in addition to looking my best for next year’s nuptials. 

Sorry for the selfie overload…or maybe not. 


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