No, not really. This is a popular pharmacy student Tumblr account where they post memes and GIFs about the pharmacy school struggle…but that no longer applies. 

Because I graduated!  

    You can now call me Dr. Brandtastic, BS, PharmD. 

But I’m not a pretentious snot and no one really addresses pharmacists as “Dr.” so I’m still just Brandy. But it does make for a fun title. 

Our PharmD hooding ceremony was Thursday night-only the 48 pharmacy graduates and their family and friends attend the ceremony and dinner. Then graduation was the next day. However only about 20 people (myself included) walked at graduation since most felt they already graduated the night before. And essentially we did-we aren’t forced to walk with the rest of the campus but it’s highly encouraged. 

Then Saturday night was  the night of my graduation party thrown by my loving fiancé.  I actually think I made him feel guilty because my parents wouldn’t do it so he stepped up instead. This was a big deal for me and I hated feeling like it was just being passed over. But he did a good job planning it and even getting both sets of our parents to attend.  


Now I just need to pass NAPLEX and the state law exam and I’ll be all set. 

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