Family time=”I need a drink” time 

So last Saturday at my graduation party, Russell’s mom cornered my parents and asked when we could all meet to discuss our wedding. The last time we tried planning a dinner night to do this my mother told me the day before that they couldn’t make it (most likely because my dad had just been fired and you would think money was tight but they still went on their Florida vacation the next week…but that’s none of my business). 

So it looks like we’re going easy on everyone’s wallets and having a cookout at our house this evening. 

This will call for wine. 

Right after we got engaged Russell’s parents invited us to dinner and ganged up on me for not wanting to have kids. I should have been drinking during that event too. 

Since I moved in with Russell last year my parents haven’t seen our house. Or at least the inside. They did pick up my car and take it to the airport for me once but that was about it. I’m worried about my dad coming over and being highly critical honestly. Despite what I think we seem to take care of the place-my friends came over one night this week and said so to confirm. But knowing my father he’ll find something to complain about when him and my mom are on the way back home. 

I’m happy…why can’t he just accept that. 

Although them possibly offering to help with some portion of the wedding costs would be nice too. Otherwise I’ve learned to expect anything from them and I know we have this covered without their help. 

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