#FlashbackFriday: stinky cheese in Spain 

The few of the new P2 student pharmacists are currently taking their 2 week medical Spanish elective in Spain and I’m reliving my time there whenever they post pics. 

And I miss it. 

So much. 

Too bad I can’t convince Russell to go there for our honeymoon. But maybe another time. 

One story I have shared recently this week involved some stinky cheese. 

So 8 of us from class (out of 47 that just graduated last month) had attended our 2 week elective in Spain. We were all on the first floor but we were separated by different wings. I was rooming with my one classmate who just complained the whole trip. And the other four girls were in the two rooms right next to us. 

When we got there, two girls decided they wanted some spicy cheese and olives from the local supermercado down the street from our building. However when they were trying to ask for spicy they used the hand jesture like they’re fanning their mouth and somehow ended up with stinky cheese. I’m not sure what kind it was, but it did smell up the hallway when they opened it up. 

So this chronic complainer didn’t like this eau de queso. So every time they opened up the cheese to snack on she complained about the smell. Like I mentioned she complained about more than just that so people had had enough of her by the end of the trip. Myself included. 

One day I was walking back to our room when I noticed something was smeared on our doorknob. One of the girls popped out of their room and laughingly told me they were expecting the complainer. So I suggested putting the cheese actually under her bed to let the smell fester. Sure enough it was maybe only for an hour but when she came back into the room she caught a strong whiff and started complaining in this whiny voice.

Oh my god-can you smell that?!? It smells like vomit. Oh my god, oh my god. I’m going to vomit. 

Repeated over and over again until she went to the bathroom while we all laughed. 

I swear it’s hilarious when I tell it in person but I needed to post it so that I’ll be able to read back on it. 

Ok, so maybe we’re mean girls…but still hilarious at the time. 

 The Plaza Mayor in Salamanca at night. 
  It was only fitting to take this pic. 

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3 Responses to #FlashbackFriday: stinky cheese in Spain 

  1. Awesome! I studied abroad there and fell in love!! Glad you enjoyed your time there.

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